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    37 Silicone Products That Are So Useful, They’ll Basically Pay For Themselves

    And they're all under $50.

    1. A food storage bag that you'll be able to use over and over again. It's a great way to stash your favourite munchies in your bag, and it has an airtight seal, so it won't leak.

    2. A collapsible cup that won't take up a ton of space in your bag. It's big enough to hold a large cup of coffee and comes with a flexible straw for the times you order an iced coffee or other cold beverage.

    A silicone cup with a strawberry smoothie inside

    3. A colourful iPhone case that'll protect your phone, and look stylish while doing it. It has a raised edge that'll add an extra layer of protection around your screen, so it's less likely to shatter when you drop it.

    Liza holding her phone which has a neon green case

    4. A pack of pastry bags that you'll never have to throw them away. They come in three sizes and reviewers love how easy they are to clean (you can wash them by hand or stick them in the dishwasher).

    A person icing a cupcake with a silicone pastry bag.

    5. A bread maker that’ll let you mix, knead, and bake your homemade bread in the same bowl before placing it in the oven or microwave. After it rises, you can close it like a takeout box to give your loaf the perfect shape.

    6. A popcorn maker that you'll probably want around for an evening of Netflix and chill. The sides fold down to create a lid, so you can make and serve your popcorn in the same container.

    A large cup that is overflowing with popcorn

    7. A shower caddy with stretchy baskets that'll fit all your bathroom essentials. It has two rubber hooks that'll make it easy to hang on your shower head or curtain rod, so you can choose your own adventure.

    A two tiered shower caddy hanging from a shower hose

    8. A pack of ring size adjusters that'll temporarily resize your loose jewelry. The flexible cord is completely transparent and comes in four sizes to ensure a perfect fit. It cost less than seven dollars, and it'll keep you from losing some of your most valuable belongings.

    9. A set of baking mats that'll render your cookie spray and roll of parchment paper obsolete. They'll prevent your baked goods from burning or sticking, and they come in three different sizes, so they'll fit most cookie sheets.

    A person picking up a cookie from a baking tray with a kitchen spatula The baking tray is line with a silicone mat

    10. A heat-resistant rack puller that'll help you push and pull the racks in the oven. It has a long handle, so you won't have to worry about your hands and arms getting singed.

    A person pulling an oven rack out using a small silicone hook with a long handle

    11. A pair of lil' spatulas that'll help you apply your face masks and moisturizer with ease. They'll prevent you from transferring any oil or bacteria from your fingers to your skin and keep your hands from getting messy.

    12. A mesh bag that'll make transporting your wine, pop, or water bottles way easier. It won't tear like a plastic bag and it has two durable handles, so you can carry it with one hand.

    13. A small bowl that your little won't be able to push or throw off their tray, because it has a suction cup at the base that'll stick to your table. It comes with a lid, so you can store leftovers in the fridge or freezer, without transferring them to another container.

    A small silicone bowl stuck to a wooden table and filled with Cheerios

    14. A pack of ear hook attachments that'll make your AirPods fit better, if they're feeling a little loose. They'll fit snugly over your earphones and will keep them from sliding around when you're walking or working out.

    A person wearing AirPods in their ears

    15. These thumb grips that'll decorate the joysticks on your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite with a pair of pawesome prints. They'll feel super soft on your fingers and keep them from feeling sore after playing a few hours of Animal Crossing.

    A person holding a Switch Lite console with silicone covers on the joysticks

    16. A pacifier clip that'll prevent you from ever losing a soother again. And the chain of beads are made of food grade silicone, so it's safe for your baby to chew on them if they're teething.

    Two chains of round silicone beads with a pacifier tied to the end

    17. A set of heat-resistant cooking tools that even Julia Child would approve of. They're super durable and won't scratch your pots and pans while you're whipping up your next meal.

    A set of nine kitchen tools lying flat on a plain background the top halves are silicone while the handles are made of wood

    18. A set of wearable nail polish holders that'll upgrade your at-home manicure game. They'll fit on your fingers like rings, making it easier to paint your nails anywhere while keeping your hands free.

    19. A pair of cleaning swabs that you'll never have to throw away. You can use them to clean your ears or apply and remove makeup, and when you're finished, just use soap and water to wash them.

    Two silicone ear swabs with a case next to them

    20. A menstrual cup that'll replace the stash of pads and tampons you normally carry around. The large size will give you enough protection on your heaviest days and reviewers say it's softer and more comfortable than other cups they've tried.

    A person's hand holding a menstrual cup

    21. A pair of tiny beauty spatulas that'll help you get every last drop of your beauty products out of your bottles, so you won't have to replace them right away. And when the containers are cleaned out, they'll be in the perfect condition to be recycled.

    22. A tray that'll make round ice balls for your drinks. The flexible material makes it easy to pop the ice out of the tray, so you won't have to bash it against your counter.

    A silicone ice cube tray with round blocks of ice on top and beside it

    23. A set of large reusable straws, so you never have to use a plastic one again. They're super flexible and they're a great alternative to metal straws, which can be hard on teeth and change temperature depending on whether you’re drinking a hot or cold beverage.

    A set of silicone straws in different colours

    24. A makeup sponge holder that'll protect your makeup sponges from other questionable (nay, unsanitary) locations. It has ventilation strips at the top that'll help your sponge to dry faster after cleaning.

    25. A little Nessie tea infuser that'll lurk at the bottom of your mug and fill it with a fresh and flavourful brew for you to enjoy. The long neck makes it easy to remove from your cup, and it separates into two pieces when you're ready to wash it.

    26. A pack of food-saving covers that'll create a tight seal around cans and bowls, if you have leftovers. They're reusable and they come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of containers.

    Two glass bowls of different sizes with silicone covers on them

    27. A little brush that you'll love if your favourite part of every hair appointment is the complimentary head massage. It has a thick handle that'll give you better control, so you can easily work the shampoo, conditioner, or oil into your hair while you soak in the tub.

    28. A small mat with small grooves that'll keep your cans, jars, and bottles from sliding around in the fridge or on a shelf. Now you stack them into space-saving pyramids, without worrying if they'll fall.

    A silicone mat with cans of pop stacked in a pyramid

    29. A flower-shaped sponge that'll gently, but effectively clean your dishes. You won't have to worry about lingering food particles or bacteria because it won't hold onto residue like traditional sponges.

    30. A heat-resistant mat on which you can rest your hairstyling tools, so you won't burn your counter or other surfaces. And it has raised ridges to prevent your tools from slipping.

    31. A keyboard cover that'll protect your computer from accidental spills, crumbs, and dust. Now you can eat and drink near your laptop without fear of getting it dirty or damaged. It's easy to remove, so you can give it a quick wipe before reinstalling.

    32. A pack of face brushes that'll gently, but effectively cleanse your skin. The soft bristles will help remove dead skin, without irritating your face. And it has a little handle on the back that'll make it easy to hold it when it's wet.

    A person holding a flat silicone face brush

    33. A set of baking cups that'll replace your single-use paper ones. You won't need to grease these liners because the silicone is super flexible. And you can actually remove it from your baked goods in the same way you would peel a banana.

    A bunch of muffins in silicone baking cups on a wooden table

    34. A pack of coasters that’ll protect your coffee table from spills, scratches, and ring marks. They'll add a little colour to your coffee table with their bright shades and fruit designs.

    A set of round silicone coasters on a table They each look like a different sliced fruit

    35. A pack of cable protectors that wind around the common stress points on your phone and laptop cords. These little tubes are a small investment that can repair and extend the life of all your charging cables.

    36. A plate cover that'll keep your food from splattering all over your microwave's walls. It has little holes on the top to let out steam, and it folds down to one inch when you're not using it.

    A large silicone bowl is covering a plate of food in the microwave

    37. And finally, a small drain protector that'll catch stray hairs before they slide down the pipes. This genius tool will save you from a clogged drain and the disgusting chore of having to remove hair from it.

    You realizing all the things silicone can do:

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