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    30 Products Under $30 That You Won’t Regret Buying

    A ring light, a screaming goat, a temporary tattoo, and more!

    1. These Schitt's Creek-inspired vinyl stickers that'll give your device a mini makeover. They’re waterproof and the adhesive is strong enough to stick to just about anything.

    A laptop on a desk covered with stickers

    2. This itty-bitty case that's the perfect size for your travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer. It has a key ring to clip onto the side of your bag, so you won't have to rifle through your belongings to find it.

    A person holding a hand sanitizer bottle that's in a fabric case

    3. These plant stakes with sticky tabs on them to trap those pesky insects. They'll catch everything from fruit flies and midges to aphids and gnats. They're also a great way to protect your plant babies from bugs without using pesticides.

    4. This floral temporary tattoo that's so detailed, it'll look like the real thing. It'll last up to seven days, so you'll get a chance to try out some new body art without having to fully commit.

    BuzzFeed editor with a floral temporary tattoo on their upper arm

    5. These acrylic hair claw clips that'll get your hair out of your face when you're not in the mood to put it in a ponytail. They'll work on any hair length and give you an effortless updo in seconds.

    6. This T-shirt that perfectly sums up your mood. It's made of soft and breathable cotton, making it the perfect tee to wear while you chill at home.

    A person wearing a T-shirt that says no bra club

    7. These sunglasses that'll have you looking like an off-duty celebrity in these streets. Plus, the oversized shape and special coating will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

    A person holding a pair of sunglasses in their hand

    8. This satin pillowcase that'll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud every night. It won't absorb moisture like cotton, so your hair will be safe from breakage. And you'll wake up without those dreaded sleep lines on your face.

    A satin pillowcase with a pair of eyelashes drawn on it

    9. This tub of semi-permanent hair colour, if you've been dyeing to change up your look. The vibrant colours will last up to six weeks, and the formula is free of peroxide and ammonia, so it won't damage your hair.

    10. This phone loop that you can slide your fingers through to make holding your device more comfortable. It'll lay flat, so you won't have to take off your case to charge your phone on a wireless base or magnetized car mount.

    A person lying on their bed using their phone The phone has a long strap along the back

    11. This lip balm that's packed with SPF 30 to help protect your smacker from harmful UV rays. The lime flavour will remind you of summer and it has coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E in it to soothe and moisturize your pout on those super sunny days.

    A person holding a tube of lip balm

    12. This fabric shaver that'll gently remove stray fibres from your clothes, furniture, and linens, so they'll look as good as new. It comes with three edges that'll work on everything from chunky knit sweaters to delicate cashmere scarves.

    13. These fine-tip pens you'll love writing and drawing with. They come in a range bright colours and can create thin, clear lines, so they'll work for any project. They also dry quickly, making them practically smudgeproof.

    14. This ring light that you can clip onto your devices, bed, or desk, so you won't have to video chat in the dark. It has ten brightness levels and it's powered by USB, so you won't have to worry about recharging it all the time.

    a laptop with a ring light attached to the edge

    15. These hair ties that you can actually count on. The corded design will keep your hair from snagging and breaking, and they won’t snap while you try to tie your hair up like regular hair ties do.

    A person with their long hair in a ponytail using coiled hair ties

    16. This screaming goat that'll boost your mood when you're having a baaa-d day. When you press on it, the little goat will let out series of high-pitched bleats that are sure to make you giggle and distract you in the best way.

    A plastic goat on a small tree trunk There's a pocket-sized book beside it

    17. This coffee dripper that'll brew a single cup of joe right into your mug. It'll fit over most mugs, and it has measurements on the side, so you'll know exactly how much water is in it.

    18. This liquid lipstick by Nyx Cosmetics that'll actually last all day. One end has a velvety matte finish that won’t flake or fade, and the other has a clear gloss, if you want to add a little shine to your look.

    A bunch of liquid lipstick tubes in a row

    19. This little Nessie tea infuser that'll lurk at the bottom of your mug and fill it with a fresh and flavourful brew for you to enjoy. The long neck makes it easy to remove from your cup, and it separates into two pieces when you're ready to wash it.

    20. These baking mats that'll render your cookie spray and roll of parchment paper obsolete. They'll prevent your baked goods from burning or sticking, and they come in three different sizes, so they'll fit most cookie sheets.

    A person picking up a cookie from a baking tray with a kitchen spatula The baking tray is line with a silicone mat

    21. This little slicer that'll help you quickly and safely cut through tape, paper, or plastic packaging. It has a small ceramic blade that'll never get dull or rust, and it's almost impossible to cut your fingers on.

    22. This microwavable bowl that you can cook AND eat ramen in, which means you'll never have to clean an extra pot. It comes with a phone mount, so you can enjoy dinner and show anywhere in your house.

    A person eat out of a large bowl  of ramen with a phone attached to the side

    23. This small pin that'll let everyone know what your pronouns are. The black-and-white illustration gives it an artsy vibe that'll upgrade any outfit.

    A denim jacket with a pin that says they them on it

    24. This wide roller stamp that'll cover all the private information on your papers and envelopes with a thick, dark ink. Now you can recycle your mail without worrying about of someone stealing your personal information. No shredder needed.

    25. These tiny beauty spatulas that'll help you get every last drop of your beauty products out of your bottles, so you won't have to replace them right away. And when the containers are cleaned out, they'll be in the perfect condition to be recycled.

    26. This super sleek Brita water filter pitcher that'll improve the taste and quality of your tap water. It can hold up to six cups of water and over time it’ll replace 300 plastic water bottles.

    A person filling up their Brita picture with water

    27. This multipurpose metal hook that'll keep you from touching shared surfaces like doors, elevator buttons, PIN pads, and ATMs. It's small enough to fit on your keyring or in your pocket, and it has a stylus tip, so you can even use it on devices with touchscreen.

    28. This poop bag dispenser that you can attach to your dog's leash, so you’ll always have one handy. It comes loaded with bags and is super easy to refill. Plus, you can clip a bag onto the back if you can’t find a garbage bin right away.

    29. This trio of sauces that'll spice up your life. Each one has a different blend of spices, veggies, and fruit that'll make just about everything in your fridge taste better.

    Three packages that each have three bottles of spreads in a row

    30. And finally, these acne patches that'll treat even the largest pimples overnight, so you'll wake up with clearer skin. They're lined with hydrocolloid to help draw out oil and bacteria, without irritating your skin.

    A person placing an acne patch on their face

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