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    18 Things You’ll Probably Want If You Just Really Love “Mean Girls”


    1. A cookbook that'll bring your love of Mean Girls into the kitchen with dozens of delicious recipes inspired by the film. It was co-written by Jonathan Bennett, who plays the gorgeous Aaron Samuel in the film, and also features behind-the-scenes stories and quizzes that'll increase your pop culture knowledge.

    2. A graphic shirt that'll have you looking as fly as mathlete and aspiring rapper Kevin G. It's made with a blend of cotton and polyester that'll only get more comfy as you wear it.

    A long-sleeved shirt that says Mathlete across the chest

    3. A tote bag with a Mean Girls quote that'll remind you to cut down on how many plastic you use. It's made of canvas fabric, so it’s durable enough to carry all your essentials and you can use it over and over again.

    4. An illustrated novel that reimagines the film Mean Girls as a Shakespearean play. It's even written in iambic pentameter, and it features the most dramatic asides from all your favourite characters. There's nothing better than curling up with a good book, and this novel is sure to be so fetch!

    5. A hardcover journal that looks like a miniature version of the Burn Book from Mean Girls, but is big enough to keep all your secrets. It has a ribbon bookmark inside and a pocket at the back to store a few mementos. So fetch!

    6. A set of magnets that'll make any Mean Girls fan say, “grool!” They have the most hilarious and iconic lines from the movie written on them, and the set comes with a mini Burn Book with quotes and images from the film.

    Ten magnets with quotes from the film Mean Girls on them

    7. A mat that'll greet and compliment your guests as soon as they get to the door. You can customize the font, add a border, or personalize the message, so it will look really pretty, just like you.

    A rounded door mat that says You're like really pretty

    8. A deck of cards that you can add to your What Do You Meme deck to put a Mean Girls twist on the classic game. It comes with 50 photo cards and 50 caption cards, so you can choose to play with them separately or add them to your original deck.

    A box of cards with a photo card of Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Weiners and a smaller card that says when you only get 2 candy canes and Glen Coco gets 4

    9. A pack of tiny stickers for your nails that'll take your manicure from boring to bold AF. There are ten different designs, so you can have a different quote on each sticker. And they'll come off with nail polish remover when you're ready to change your nail colour.

    A person showing off the fingernails that have little stickers on them

    10. A coaster that’ll protect your coffee table from spills, scratches, and ring marks. It’s made with a combination of cork, plastic, and wood, and it features a beautiful handmade illustration that’ll add a pop of colour to your decor.

    11. A simple card that’ll let your mom know they’re not just a regular mom, they’re a cool mom. It's the perfect gift for a special occasion like a birthday or Mother's Day, or just because you were thinking of them.

    A greeting card with Mean Girls character Mrs. George holding a camcorder with a caption that says You're not like a regular mom you're a cool mom

    12. A pile of vinyl stickers that'll add a little personality to your laptop, phone case, or water bottle. The stickers are sun protected and waterproof, and the adhesive is strong enough to stick to just about anything.

    A pile of Mean Girls-inspired stickers

    13. A note card set, so you can send your friends and family a handwritten letter instead of an email or a text message. The cards have different quotes from the film written on them and are blank inside for you to fill with your words.

    A greeting card set with a small journal a stack of letters and envelopes

    14. A ceramic mug you'll want to use every morning. It has a simple design and it'll let everyone know not to bother you until you've had one (or several) cups of coffee.

    A coffee mug with You can't sit with us written on the front

    15. A set of pencils that'll look, like, really pretty every time you use them. They each come in a different colour and have a Mean Girls quote engraved in fancy gold lettering. They're so cute, you'll look for excuses to use them.

    A set of seven pencils of different colours with Mean Girls quotes on each

    16. A set of ~grool~ stickers that'll help you organize and decorate your planner. They're handmade in Ottawa, Ontario and have a matte finish, so you can write over them with a pencil or pen.

    A sheet of colourful stickers next to a notebook with a pencil

    17. An enamel pin you'll want to wear every Wednesday. It'll brighten up your backpack or denim jacket with a lovely shade of pink, and it comes with a little butterfly clasp that'll make it easier to put it on and take it off.

    A small pin on a jean jacket that says on Wednesdays we wear pink

    18. And finally, a book based on the beloved film. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book — and since we all know how iconic the film was, you’ll probably enjoy reading the novel, too.

    A book called Mean Girls

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