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    32 Products You’ll Want If You Identify As An Introvert

    For all those antisocial butterflies.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A five-year memory book that'll inspire you to journal and help clear your head. There's enough space to write down a few thoughts or memories from the day, and after a few years you'll have something to look back on when you're feeling a little nostalgic.

    2. An ultra-plushy fleece blanket, so you can assume your true identity as a human burrito. The blanket is made with a microfibre material that’s machine washable, quick to dry, and wrinkle resistant. It's also incredibly soft and so warm you'll never want to take it off.

    3. A pair of oversized sunglasses that'll prevent you from making accidental eye contact with strangers on public transit. The lenses are reflective, scratch proof, and filter 100% of harmful UV rays.

    4. A set of adorable pyjamas you'll love wearing when you're home, which is pretty much every night, TBH. These PJs are super cute with some fun piping detail — plus, the bottoms have an adjustable drawstring, and come in short or long styles.

    5. A cute sign that'll jazz up your wall and remind you that home is where the people aren't. It's made of wood and has a thick rope that'll make it easy to hang from anywhere.

    6. A mini felt letter board where you can post status updates about your moods, thoughts, and opinions (instead of posting them on social media). It can also double as stylish piece of home decor. It comes with 160 characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols, so you can create whatever message you want.

    7. A pair of over-ear headphones that'll help tune out the noise and create the illusion that you're dancing on your own, even when you're surrounded by people. They have a sleek design, high-quality sound, and flexible band that'll conform to the shape of your head.

    8. A voice-controlled smart speaker that'll become your own personal assistant. Alexa can also set alarms, answer questions, and check the weather. All you have to do is say her name, say her name!

    9. A bestselling calligraphy book, because you've always wanted to learn the art form of fancy lettering. It's a beginner's guide and has 15 in-book writing projects, so you can get all the practice you need!

    10. A letter writing set that'll encourage you to send snail mail instead of emails. You absolutely hate talking on the phone and sending a written letter seems like a more personal way to communicate with friends and family. There are eight different styles of paper, and each one comes with a matching envelope and a sticker to seal your letter with.

    11. A pair of fluffy suede slippers that'll make you feel like you're walking on air. Everyone needs a pair of sensible house slippers to wear at home, and these ones are not only super cute, but mega comfy, too. They're lined with extra-cushy memory foam and soft faux fur that'll surround your feet with warmth.

    12. A set of artificial succulents that'll add a bit of a greenery to your space without the commitment of caring for a collection of plant babies.

    13. A fun adult colouring book that’s filled with a bunch of hilarious and relatable quotes that you’ve probably said before. You'll appreciate how relaxing this activity is, and it combines two things that you love: books and being creative.

    14. A hoodie travel pillow that'll support your neck while you sleep and give you a little privacy, even when you're surround by a bunch of people. Just pull the drawstring to tighten the hoodie and immerse yourself in darkness.

    15. A travel-friendly Kindle that'll let you carry your impressive book collection with you at all times. It comes with extra storage and has a long-lasting battery, so you can read whatever you want with the touch of a button!

    16. Or a wooden page holder that uses a gentle pressure to hold your book open, making it the perfect item to have around when you decide to read an entire book in one sitting. Now you can comfortably read your book with one hand! It's made of natural walnut and comes in three sizes.

    17. Joanna Gaines' book Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave that'll prove staying home is the new going out. It's all about how your home can reflect your personality through decorations and is filled with tons of photos that'll inspire you to make your space more homey.

    18. An Amazon Fire TV Stick that'll stream all your favourite shows and movies on your television. Plus, it's enabled with Alexa, so you can find the show you're looking for without even reaching for the remote.

    19. And a microwaveable popcorn popper that'll be the perfect for an evening of Netflix and chill. It'll make a quick batch in three minutes and it's designed to spread hot air evenly, so all the kernels pop, but don't burn.

    20. A book of hilarious and honest comics about what it’s like living as an introvert in an extrovert’s world. It’s sure to make any introvert LOL.

    21. A soft-burning candle that'll burn as slowly as the steamy romance novel you're currently reading. It has a nice floral fragrance that is strong enough to soothe your senses without being too overpowering.

    22. Or a candle making kit, so you can make your own collection of ~wicked~ handmade soy candles. The kit comes with a step-by-step guide, along with enough supplies to make three large candles.

    23. A set of whimsical fairy string lights that'll emit a warm glow, creating the perfect mood for your evening indoors. The lights come with a special remote to turn them on and off. You can also set them on a timer, so you can fall asleep without worry about wasting the battery.

    24. An interactive drawing book that'll help you channel your creative energies and busy mind to something positive. You'll start by creating a list of things you love and use it as a guide to draw a special world of your own. It's the perfect way to escape the real world for a few hours.

    25. Or an inspirational sketchbook that'll prompt you to draw something new every day. There's a mix of simple and common items like a safety pin or a teacup and more abstract concepts like "the sound of girlish laughter" that will challenge and entertain any drawing enthusiast.

    26. An Instant Pot that'll inspire you to create restaurant quality meals from the comfort of you own home. It combines seven different kitchen appliances like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer, and saves space while doing it! Now you can cook everything in one pot, making it easier to clean up afterward.

    27. A bestselling knitting set, because you either love to knit or have always wanted to learn. The kit comes with straight and circular needles that are made with lightweight bamboo wood, and a container with other knitting essentials like needle point protectors, fabric scissors, a stitch ripper, and more!

    28. A doormat that'll keep you from tracking dirt and snow into the house. It also perfectly sums up how you feel about human interaction (sorry, not sorry).

    29. A bamboo bathroom tray that'll make your next bath feel extra luxurious. You love having a nice, long bath, and this tray will allow you to keep all your creature comforts close by. It has a waterproof cloth stand to prop up your book, tablet, or eReader, and two built-in cup holders for a wine glass, coffee mug, or small candle.

    30. A hilarious and relatable book that'll show you what happens when an introvert lives and acts like an extrovert for one year. There's nothing better than curling up at home with a good book, and this one is sure to both entertain and inspire.

    31. A classic-looking bullet journal that can be whatever you want it to be! It could be a sketchbook, diary, agenda, notebook, or a million other things.

    32. And finally, an Amazon Prime membership that’ll have you asking yourself, “Do I ever have to leave the house again? The answer, my friend, is no. You'll have unlimited access to exclusive movies, TV shows, music, and books, along with free shipping when you order literally anything!

    You retreating to your bedroom with all these great products:

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