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    29 Products That’ll Help You Organize The Stuff You’re Not Really Sure How To Organize

    Nows there's a place for everything.

    1. A nifty food wrap box organizer that'll give you a space to keep all your freezer bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. You can stack four on each side and the wire shelves are adjustable, so you can fit boxes of any size. And if you flip the boxes on their sides, it’ll make for a handy bag and wrap dispenser.

    Two boxes of plastic food bags stacked on a small organizer and three boxes are stacked on the other side
    Amazon / Via

    You can find a larger one here.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $36.49.

    2. A pack of interlocking drawer organizers that'll transform your junk drawer into an orderly oasis for all your office knickknacks. Reviewers like that they come in different sizes, so they can arrange them in drawers of any shape and size.

    A open desk drawer with containers of different sizes Office supplies like pencils, scissors, and elastic bands are organized in each bin
    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of eight from Amazon Canada for $17.99.

    3. A wall-mounted utility rack that'll hold your broom, mop, and other cleaning tools. Each slot is lined with non-slip silicone, and you can adjust the grips to accommodate any sized handle. It can hold up to 11 pounds and has a set of hooks to hang smaller items, too.

    A person pulling a long-handle broom off a wall mounted hook
    Amazon / Via

    The utility rack has three slots and four hooks.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $20.99.

    4. A little caddy that'll become the designated spot for your remote, so you won't have go looking in between your couch cushions. It has five compartments, which is great if you have more than one remote.

    A fabric remote control organizer sitting on a stack of books  There are a pair of glasses, a phone, a remote, and a pair of scissors in a different compartment
    Amazon / Via

    You can also use it to organize other small items, like your desk accessories.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $18.99.

    5. A hanger with 18 loops that'll hold all your scarves, belts, and ties, and save space in your closet, too. It's made of steel, so it won't bend under pressure or snag on your favourite blanket scarf.

    A metal hanger with a dozen small circles Colourful scarves are hanging from the loops
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $13.48+. Available in two colours.

    6. A battery organizer that'll help you keep track of all the loose batteries in your house. It can hold up to 93 batteries of different sizes, and it comes with a battery tester, so you'll know when they're truly dead.

    Amazon / Via

    You can stash it in the drawer or mount it on the wall.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $34.68.

    7. A game-changing lid organizer that'll declutter the cupboard with all your resusable containers inside it. It's divided into three compartments to hold small, medium, and large lids, so you won't have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the right one.

    A bin with grooves at the bottom There are stacks of different sized lids stacked neatly beside each other
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $26.27.

    8. A pair of over-the-door racks for your baseball caps, so you won't have to keep them in random piles on your dresser. The fabric straps will fit over any door, and each has eight hooks that'll store your growing collection.

    A person hanging their hat on an over-the-door hat rack
    Amazon / Via

    Get a set of two from Amazon Canada for $34.99.

    9. A slim storage unit that'll fit perfectly between machines, so you can store and access all your laundry supplies. Plus, it's on wheels, so you can roll it out when you need it and hide it when you don't.

    A slim rolling cart with three tiers sitting between a washing machine and dryer
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $57.11.

    10. A heavy-duty pot and pan organizer that you can assemble either vertically or horizontally. It's made of sturdy metal wire and accommodates a range of frying pans, lids, and cooking pots.

    Amazon / Via

    The organizer holds five pans and/or pots.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $15.99.

    11. A felt tote organizer that'll help sort items in your purse, so you can pull them out as easily as Mary Poppins. There are nine compartments where you can keep all your everyday essentials and it's super easy to transfer from one bag to another.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $23.99.

    12. A honeycomb-shaped organizer that comes in eight pieces, so you can customize it to fit any drawer size. Reviewers say it's a great way to organize small clothing items, accessories, and even baby clothes.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.99.

    13. A handbag organizer that is basically a hanging closet for your purses. It can store up to six large bags and comes with a hanger, so you can store it in your closet and protect your bags from collecting dust.

    A long fabric handbag organizer hanging from a clothing rod It has four pockets on each side and are filled with large handbags
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $15.99. Available in four colours.

    14. A cable management box that'll turn your desk into a tidy, stress-free zone. It can accommodate power strips up to 12 inches long and will keep cords out of sight, which is especially important if you have kids and pets.

    Amazon / Via

    It has openings on all sides to accommodate cords from any angle and comes with a lid, so you can place a phone or tablet on top. Need a power strip? Add a four-outlet one to your cart to complete the package.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $30.99.

    15. A revolving makeup organizer that is the beauty equivalent of Cher Horowitz's closet, so all you have to do is spin it to find your beauty products. It'll save you a bunch of space, and it has adjustable shelves that'll fit all of your makeup and skincare.

    A multi-tiered shelf filled with beauty products
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $21.99+. Available in three colours.

    16. A shoe rack designed to fit tall boots and keep them from falling over. It can hold up to six pairs, and it’ll space them out, so they’ll dry off quickly if they’re wet.

    A shoe rack filled with tall boots
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $65.97.

    17. A toilet paper dispenser that'll store and conceal your entire supply in plain sight. Plus, it has a minimalist design, and you can use the space on top for extra storage.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $97.99.

    18. Or a toilet paper holder that'll save floor space because it clips over the tank. It's a great alternative if you don't have a lot of space in your bathroom, and reviewers say it'll hold large rolls of toilet paper.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $18.91.

    19. A tech organizer that'll store all your charging cords and headphones, so you know exactly where they are when you need them. It has seven elastic bands and eight mesh pockets to fit all your tech, and the bag is small enough that you can fit it in your backpack.

    A small rectangular fabric case is open with lots of small elastic bands and mesh pockets inside holding charging cords, headphones, and plug adapters
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $16.99+. Available in three colours.

    20. A plastic organizer that'll store all your makeup, accessories, or office supplies. It has three spacious drawers, but won't take up a lot of space on your counter or desk. Plus, it's super sturdy, so you can always stack things on top!

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $19.98+. Available in 12 colours and in sets of two.

    21. A stainless steel bag holder that'll finally give you a place to store all your plastic grocery bags (until you're ready to use them again). It can hold up to 30 bags at a time and has a wide dispenser slot, so you can grab them and go.

    simplehuman / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $24.99.

    22. A hair tool organizer that'll keep all your styling tools in the same place. It's heat resistant, so you can stash your tools in the holder right after you use them. It also has a basket in the back to keep stray cords from hanging out and a hook that you can use to hang it from a towel bar or cupboard door.

    A plastic storage organizer with three slots hanging from a towel rack in the bathroom In one slot is a hair straightener, in another is hair dryer and in the last one is a curling iron
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $41.13+. Available in two colours.

    23. Or an over-the-door basket that'll fit inside your bathroom cupboard, so all your bulky hair tools are out of the way. There's a large ring on each side that can hold even the widest of hair dryers and a deep basket to store other tools or hair products.

    Amazon / Via, Kat Angus/BuzzFeed

    "My apartment bathroom is T-I-N-Y, and does not have a ton of storage space. The area under my sink is already a mess, and the situation was not helped by all my styling tools. This wire basket has been a godsend — it fits my hair dryer, my straightener, and my John Freida hot air styling brush, and it just hangs on the back of the cabinet door. One day, I'll get a bigger bathroom, but for now, this organization basket is helping a lot. Now I just have to worry about what to do with the rest of the cabinet." —Kat Angus

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the spectrum Over The Door Styling Center (#8 on the list).

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $31.99+. Available in two colours.

    And for BuzzFeed's full review of the John Freida hot air brush, check out "Your Hair Struggles Are Over Thanks To This Magical Hot Air Brush."

    24. An expandable storage bag that'll help organize your trunk and all the odd items you keep back there. It comes with a set of straps with hooks to secure it in the trunk or around a seat, so nothing will take a tumble when you fill it up after grocery shopping.

    A large rectangular fabric box in the back of a car filled with groceries There are straps on each side that are connected to clips on the sides of the car
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $31.99.

    25. A large plastic bag for all those rolls of leftover wrapping paper you left in a corner in the basement. It'll protect your gift wrap from dust and water damage, and it has two handles that'll make it easier to pull it out of storage when holiday season rolls around.

    A plastic bag filled with rolls of gift wrap leaning against a tall bookshelf
    Amazon / Via

    You can fit up to 20 rolls at a time.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $12.99+. Available in two colours.

    26. An adorable makeup case for your false lashes when you take them off after a long day like Madame Medusa in The Rescuers. You can keep three pairs inside and they have the rounded edges that'll keep your falsies from losing their shape.

    Small compact with a mirror on the top and three small rows on the bottom with false eyelashes on them
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $11.73+. Available in four colours.

    27. A utility cart you can use in any room to organize small or odd items. The three tiers have incredibly deep baskets, making it easier to store heavy or tall objects. It also has wheels, so you can store it away in a closet or corner and roll it out when you're ready to use it.

    A metal rolling cart with three tiers Two shelves have books and the top shelf has a box of tissue and a vase with flowers
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $46.94.

    28. A nail polish holder, because your collection is getting out of control. It can hold up to 48 bottles and it's transparent, making it easier to see your entire collection at a glance.

    A plastic box filled with nail polish bottles
    Amazon / Via

    The dividers are adjustable, so you can fit any sized bottle inside and even squeeze in other manicure supplies (like your nail clipper and nail file).

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $40.99.

    29. And finally, a storage rack that'll keep all your random sports equipment in one place. It has two tiers, along with an assortment of baskets, shelves, and hooks to organize anything from baseball gloves and tennis balls, to roller skates and hockey sticks.

    A metal rack with two shelves There are sports balls on the top rack and a pair of roller skates on the bottom
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $99.67.

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