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    24 Gifts All The Gen Z-ers On Your List Will Actually Want

    Headphones, sneakers, sunglasses, and more!

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    1. An adorable Fujifilm Instax Mini that's both a camera and a printer. It has the basic features of a digital camera (like built-in storage, cool filters, and fun, animated frames), but will also allow them to print pictures from their phone.

    2. A pair of ultra-white Fila sneakers that'll make any of their outfits look fresh AF. The chunky sneaker is not only incredibly comfortable, but it's also super popular right now. Just make sure you size up, because Fila shoes tend to run small.

    3. A shiny makeup sponge holder that'll protect their makeup sponges from other questionable (nay, unsanitary) locations. Plus, it's just a really cute way to store and organize their sponges on their vanity or bathroom counter!

    4. An AncestryDNA kit that'll help them trace their roots back to the furthest possible connection on their family tree. The test will even determine the region where their ancestors migrated from. It's the perfect gift for anyone who's been curious about their family history!

    5. A pair of oversized cat eye sunglasses that'll look good with any outfit. The marble print is fun, bold, and adds a certain je ne sais quoi, non?

    6. A small-but-mighty power bank charger that'll charge their phone up to seven times before it dies. The sleek and compact design makes it easy to travel with, and it has two USB ports, so they can charge a couple devices at once.

    7. A pair of collapsible silicone straws that are perfect for anyone trying to be more eco-conscious. They'll replace all the single-use plastic straws they'd normally use and are a great alternative to metal straws, which can be hard on teeth and change temperature when they're drinking a hot or cold beverage.

    8. A chunky faux fleece jacket that is as warm and as it is stylish. The teddy bear look is still trending, and this shearling jacket is the perfect embodiment of cute and cozy!

    9. An adorable makeup case that’ll store and organize all their beauty essentials. The case has multiple spacious compartments and a true '90s aesthetic. Plus, the sturdy handle and secure latch makes this the ultimate travelling makeup case!

    10. A colourful silicone skin that'll protect and accessorize their earpods case. The skin comes with a fluffy pom pom keychain, so they can clip it to their bag. It also comes with a silicone strap to turn their earpods into a traditional set of headphones.

    11. A pair of noise-cancelling over-ear headphones that'll tune out the noise, so they can listen to music without being disturbed. These headphones have a sleek design, high quality sound, and a powerful bass. They'll last for up to 30 hours and have a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls.

    12. A jar of unicorn snot, because we know glitter makes everything better! This lip gloss and body glitter duo has an otherworldly holographic glow, smells like cotton candy, and comes off easily with makeup remover or baby wipes. BTW, it's vegan and cruelty free!

    13. A shiny leather belt that looks a lot like a certain designer belt, IYKWIM. This affordable dupe has two eye-catching gold rings that'll upgrade all their outfits.

    14. A cooling jade roller and Gua Sha massager that'll release all the tension from their face and promote relaxation. They don't have to believe in the power of crystals to use these amazing facial tools. Together, the jade roller and Gua Sha tools will create an ultra-calming massage duo.

    15. A voice-controlled smart speaker that'll take all their song requests. The Echo Dot has a fabric design to create a rich and dynamic sound for their entertainment. Alexa can also set alarms, answer questions, and check the weather. All they have to do is say her name, say her name!

    16. A pack of colorful hair scrunchies that'll look good on their wrist or in their hair. The elastic is thick enough get a good grip but is encased in a soft chiffon material that won't snag or tangle their hair.

    17. A super-tiny watering can for anyone who is the proud parent of a collection of equally tiny plants. It's so small it'll fit in the palm of their hand and is made of extra durable stainless steel. Plus, it has a long narrow nozzle, so they can get right to the center of the plant without disturbing it.

    18. A small egg-shaped lip balm that is packed with natural and ultra-moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil! They'll love how soft, smooth, and hydrated their lips will look and feel with just a couple swipes of this strawberry-scented balm.

    19. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll entertain any gamer for hours and hours. The Switch Lite has compact, lightweight design with a huge backlit screen that they can use anytime and anywhere. They can also play the updated versions of classic '90s games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Legend of Zelda.

    20. A set of minimalist huggie hoops, so they can create a perfectly curated ear. They probably have (or really, really want) multiple ear piercings, and these gold hoops are a great way to try out the stacked earrings trend.

    21. A pack of extra-hydrating sheet masks they'll want around for their next spa day. Sheet masks are their kryptonite, and they'll love that each of these has a special ingredient to treat different skin types, including green tea for oily skin and chamomile for sensitive skin. Also, each mask is equal to half a bottle of serum that'll quench their #thirsty skin.

    22. A pair of lightweight, best-selling running shoes that they can wear for any occasion. The simple but sporty design will complement any outfit and the shoes have a cushioned insole, so they'll feel like they're walking on a cloud with every step!

    23. A rustic-looking felt letter board that they can use as a stylish piece of home decor or as an Insta-worthy prop in their next social media photo session.

    24. And finally, a brain teasing puzzle box that also doubles as a piggy bank, making it the perfect gift for the person who just wants money for Christmas. There's a slot on the top to insert the money but they'll have to solve the puzzle to access those dollar, dollar bills.

    They're going to love their new gift:

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