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    Mar. 30, 2020

    28 Things Under $30 That'll Make Your Life A Little Cuter

    Cuteness overload.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A phone grip with a built-in lip balm compact, so you not only don’t have to worry about dropping your phone, but you’ll also never forget your lip balm again.

    @popsockets / Via

    Get it from Nordstrom for $22.22 (also available in watermelon).

    2. A rose quartz facial roller that'll release all the tension from your face, reduce puffiness under your eyes, and promote relaxation. You don't have to believe in the power of crystals to use one, and if you put it in the fridge to cool, it'll make your skin absorb beauty products better.

    http://@bkind.products / Via, http://@bkind.products / Via

    Get it from The Bay for $29.95.

    3. A cinema lightbox that you can use as stylish piece of home decor or as an Insta-worthy prop in your next social media photo session. It comes with 100 letters and includes built-in letter storage in the back of the light box.

    Indigo / Via

    You'll need four AA batteries that you can get here.

    Get it from Indigo for $19.50+ (available in four sizes and two colours).

    4. A colourful top that'll radiate big spring energy with a dainty floral print and an adorable peplum silhouette. It’ll feel like the softest jersey material against your skin, so you’ll probably look for excuses to wear it.

    Asos / Via

    Get it from Asos for $29.46 (available in XS-L).

    5. A caboodle that’ll store and organize all your beauty essentials and induce a bit of '90s nostalgia. There are four spacious compartments and a compact mirror inside. Plus, the lid stays snapped shut, making it the perfect makeup case to travel with!

    ModCloth / Via

    Get it from ModCloth for $27.

    6. A mini French press that'll make you actually want to get up in the morning. You can brew up a fresh and flavourful cup of coffee in only four minutes. Just add your coffee grinds and hot water to the jug, wait four minutes, and slowly push down on the plunger.

    @bodum / Via

    Get it from Indigo for $26.

    7. A pair of earrings that are so cute, you'll want to take a shell-fie or two. They have a simple design, but the tiny pearls will add some much needed bling to your look, too.

    Shopbop / Via

    Get it from Shopbop for $19.58.

    8. A magical pen that'll make any writing activity a little more entertaining. It looks exactly like Harry Potter's wand and may tempt you to shout out a couple spells like wingardium leviosa or expecto patronum!

    Indigo / Via

    Get it from Indigo for $9.95 (also available in the shape of Hermoine's wand).

    9. A pyjama set you'll want to wear to bed every night. They're made of 100% cotton and the shorts have an elasticized waistband, so they're extra comfortable.

    Joe Fresh / Via

    Get it from Joe Fresh for $24 (available in sizes 1X-3X and in two prints).

    10. A ceramic pot with a little kitty face that’ll make any plant look ten times cuter. It has a hole at the base for drainage and a matching saucer to keep the pot from leaking.

    H&M / Via

    Get it from H&M for $17.99.

    11. A hair towel that'll absorb water faster from your hair than a traditional towel does. It's also extra gentle, so your hair will be safe from breakage, split ends, and frizz. Just wrap up your hair like you normally would and prepare to be amazed.

    @mykitsch / Via, Indigo / Via

    Get it from Indigo for $29 (available in pink and leopard print).

    12. A time-marked water bottle that'll encourage you to drink enough water every day. It has a removable spout attachment and an extra-sturdy handle that'll make it easy to carry.

    The Bay / Via

    It's not dishwasher safe, so remember to wash it by hand.

    Get it from The Bay for $25.

    13. A set of tiny, chair-shaped hooks that'll add a cute and quirky detail to your walls. You can use them literally anywhere in your home to help organize small items like headphones, keys, or towels.

    Ikea / Via

    Get a set of three from Ikea for $6.99.

    14. A pair of strappy slides that'll become a staple in your spring and summer wardrobe. The colour and print of these shoes are not only fun, but also make them super versatile. And the oversized bow is just a cherry on top of an already cute pair of sandals!

    Joe Fresh / Via

    Get it from Joe Fresh for $29 (available in sizes 6-10 and in two prints).

    15. A super-cool neon light that'll add a colourful glow to your home decor. It comes with a base and it's completely cordless, so you're free to place it anywhere you'd like.

    The Bay / Via

    You'll need three AA batteries that you can get here.

    Get it from The Bay $19.99 (also available as a moon and a star).

    16. A cool gel lip mask that'll give your pout a little TLC. It's infused with soothing ingredients like violet, lavender, and coconut extract that'll help hydrate your dry skin in five minutes. When you're done, you don't have to rinse it off with water. Just massage the serum into your skin and go.

    @patchology / Via

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $5.

    17. A set of cards that are so cute, you'll want to send snail mail instead of emails. The envelope comes in three designs, and the cards are all blank, so you can write a customized message inside.

    Indigo / Via

    Get a set of 40 from Indigo for $18.95 (available in three styles).

    18. A gilded hair clip that is so cute, it'll have you sea-ing stars. You'll feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid every time you wear it, and the clip is pretty long, so you'll be able to secure a large section of hair.

    Asos / Via

    Get it from Asos for $10.52.

    19. A colourful phone case that looks like a mini pop can! It's oversized and maybe a little over-the-top, but it's made of super-durable silicone, so it won’t break or get scratched if you drop your phone.

    Shopbop / Via

    I have a different version of this case and I haven't taken it off my phone since I got it. Not only is it super cute, but the case covers every corner of my phone. And the silicone adds an extra layer of protection, which I need, because I drop my phone all the time. It's compatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

    Get it from Shopbop for $11.75.

    20. A small ceramic bowl that'll make snack time an even happier experience. It's the perfect size to hold your favourite finger foods, and it has a little sloth face on it that is so adorable, you'll melt a little every time you see it (come on, look at that smile).

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $16.

    21. A lip balm that is packed with natural and ultra-moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and sweet almond oil. You’ll love how soft, smooth, and hydrated your lips will look after just a couple swipes of this coconut-scented balm.

    @rebelsrefinery / Via

    Get it from Indigo for $8 (also available as a pineapple).

    22. A pack of invisible hair ties that you can actually count on. The corded telephone design will keep your hair from being snagged or being tied too tightly, and they won’t snap while you try to tie your hair up like regular hair ties do. Plus, they're suited for all hair types and are waterproof, sweat proof, and headache proof!

    Asos / Via, BuzzFeed / Via

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Invisibobble hair ring.

    Get a pack of three from Asos for $10.50 (also available in clear and black).

    23. A pair of earrings that'll spread a little love everywhere you go. They have a super minimalist design, so you can pair them with other earrings if you have multiple ear piercings. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

    Indigo / Via

    Get it from Indigo for $24.

    24. A small candle that'll help you relax by filling your space with a warm vanilla and fresh coconut scent. It comes in a tin that you can reuse once you've finished burning it and reviewers say the scent is mild, but relaxing.

    Indigo / Via

    Get it from Indigo for $10+ (available in four sizes).

    25. A pack of tiny stickers for your nails that'll take your manicure from boring to bold AF. They come in three fun themes like fruits, fast food, and animals, so you can choose one that suits your personality.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $16 (available in three styles).

    26. A ceramic trinket dish that'll hold all your small jewels like rings and earrings. Or you can keep it by the front door as a place to stash your keys, so you never forget where they are.

    Shopbop / Via

    Get it from Shopbop for $22.38.

    27. A toothbrush holder that'll prop up your toothbrush, so you don't have to leave it on the counter. The elegant design will upgrade your bathroom decor, and its made from ceramic, so it's super easy to clean.

    Indigo / Via, http://@bkind.products / Via

    Get it from Indigo for $9.95.

    28. And finally, a personal care kit that'll definitely come in handy during your next beauty emergency. It's tiny, but is packed with necessary items like stain remover, double-sided tape, and a sewing kit. And you can always refill it and use it later.

    @pinchprovisions / Via

    Get it from Indigo for $22 (available in two colours/prints).

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