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    27 School Supplies That Are So Cute, They'll Probably Make Your Friends Jealous

    Serving back-to-school cuteness.

    1. A pack of tiny highlighters that'll make reading your notes a little easier because they come in pretty pastel colours instead of intense neon ones. They have a wedge-shaped tip so you can highlight or underline your notes, and they’ll still work if you accidentally leave the caps off for a couple hours.

    Three highlighters on a handdrawn floral background

    2. A pack of tiny sprout bookmarks that'll root themselves between whatever page you left off at when you're finishing studying. The stem is long enough that it won't fall out and lose your page, but they're also thin enough they won't ruin the integrity of the book's spine.

    3. A three-ring binder with a colourful watercolour design that is anything but plain. It’s an inch wide, so it won't take up a lot of space in your backpack, and it can hold up to 175 sheets of paper, with two pockets on the inside to stash loose papers.

    A binder with a rainbow water colour painting on the front There a set of a page dividers and a notebook underneath and a pen, scissors, tape, glasses, and coffee cup nearby

    4. A pack of colourful pencils that'll shower you with all the compliments you deserve. Each pencil has a different saying and come pre-sharpened, so you can use them ~write~ away.

    A set of ten sharpened pencils with quotes written on them

    5. A patterned canvas laptop bag that is both stylish and functional. It has three additional pockets and comes with a detachable strap, so you can wear it as a crossbody bag or use the handles like a briefcase.

    6. A pack of expanding file folders that'll store all your important documents in one place. There are five spacious pockets that each have a tab at the top, so you can label and organize papers into different sections.

    A plastic file folder with a smiley face on it lying on a desk near a laptop and notebook

    7. Or a file folder that'll brighten your day with its beautiful floral pattern. It has five expandable pockets that can fit up to 200 sheets of paper, and it comes with a pocket on the front and set of sticker tabs, so you can label the folder and each section inside.

    8. A pack of gold paper clips that are a cuter version of the ones you'd normally use. The container is small enough to keep in your bag or on your desk and the marble lid is magnetic, making it harder for your paper clips to fall out or get lost.

    A small plastic ball with a hole in the top lying on its side on top of a book It's filled with paper clips and some are falling out

    9. An adorable 10-in-1 retractable pen, because why use one pen when you can use ten? Each one is a different colour, so you can write with all the colours of the wind.

    Four thick pens with little flamingos at the top

    10. A silicone keyboard cover that'll protect your computer from accidental spills, crumbs, and dust. Now you can eat and drink near your laptop without fear of getting it dirty or damaged. It's easy to remove, so you can give it a quick wipe before reinstalling.

    11. A composition notebook that is so cute, you'll actually want to take notes. It won't weigh down your backpack because it's so light. And it has 100 sheets of paper that you'll fill in no time, so you won't feel guilty about having a bunch of half-empty notebooks at the end of the school year.

    12. A pack of macaron-shaped erasers that'll add a little touch of Paris to your school work. Not only do they look good enough to eat, they also smell like vanilla! They come in different colours, and you can switch the shells to mix and match them.

    13. A Kate Spade pencil case you'll want to show off at every opportunity. It's made with vegan leather and already comes filled with basic school supplies like pencils, a sharpener, a ruler, and an eraser. And when you're not using it for school, you can use it as a travel pouch for beauty products.

    A small leather pencil case with two pencils, a ruler, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener beside it

    14. A set of colourful washi tape, so you can decorate and label literally everything in your notebook or agenda. You can write on them like you would with masking tape, but they come a bunch of cool colours that'll help organize and personalize your things.

    Seven rolls of washi tape in different colours

    15. A USB flash drive that comes in different shapes, like animals, food, and other random objects — so you won't lose or confuse it with another flash drive.

    16. A pack of gel pens with adorable animal faces on the lids. They have an ultra-fine tip and write like an absolute dream. Plus, the ink is erasable, so you can easily make corrections when you're writing.

    17. A set of cat sticky notes that'll make the perfect bookmark, sticker, or memo flag. There are eight different kitty designs, and each has its own adorable expression that'll melt your heart every time you look at your notebook.

    18. A charming little pencil case that looks like a colourful and cartoonish version of a milk carton. It's made out of soft PU leather and is big enough to fit your all your writing supplies.

    19. A pack of fine-point pens that'll write as beautifully as they look. They come in a range bright colours and can create a thin, clear line, so they're perfect for both writing and drawing.

    Ten coloured pens lying on a plain piece of paper

    20. A set of sticky notes that have tabs, so they can double as mini page dividers. They come in different sizes and some have lined or dotted patterns on them for notes. They're great for notebooks, planners and bullet journals because you can reposition or remove the dividers without damaging the paper.

    A set with multiple stacks of sticky notes in different sizes and colours

    21. A set of tiny heart-shaped erasers that are reminiscent of the edible candy necklaces and colourful friendship bracelets of the '90s. Also, they smell like strawberries! Each heart is an eraser, including the half-heart pendant that links you and your best friend forever.

    22. A tiny-but-mighty pencil sharpener that has an adjustable insert hole, so you can customize the size and thickness of the lead point. The dial on the side changes the angle, creating a longer and thinner point when you use a higher setting.

    23. A set of lined notebooks with a sloth and motivational quote on the cover to inspire you. The notebooks are designed to lay flat when open and are thin enough that you can carry them anywhere.

    Three notebooks with a sloth drawing on it

    24. A pack of pastel dividers, if you keep all your notes in one binder. Each one has a little tab that you can write what subject or class you're taking, so your note are easier to find.

    Five paper binder dividers spread out on a plain background

    25. A hole puncher that'll make little donut-shaped rings to reinforce the torn pages in your agendas, binders, or notebooks. It can punch through paper, cardstock, and even washi tape, so you can jazz up your paper with different colours and designs.

    26. A tape dispenser that's probably the tiniest and cutest elephant you've ever seen. It has a weighted base that'll keep it from toppling over, so you can use it with one hand. Plus, it's small enough to fit in your pencil case or bag, so you can take it with you anywhere.

    27. And finally, a colourful agenda that'll help you plan for the year ahead. You'll have enough space to write out your schedule for the day, mark down important deadlines, and jot down tasks on a to-do list.

    A small planner on a plain background with notebooks, binder clips, and an eraser nearby

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