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    25 Cute And Comfy Products That’ll Make You Never Want To Leave Your Bed Again

    This is what dreams are made of.

    1. A pair of satin pillowcases that'll feel like an absolute dream against your skin. They're also great for hair because they don't absorb moisture like cotton. Your hair will be safe from breakage, and you'll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud every night.

    2. A fluffy blanket that'll help you assume your true identity as a human burrito. It's made of a lightweight, super-soft sherpa material, and it’s so warm that you’ll want to wrap yourself in it forever.

    A soft sherpa blanket with pom poms on the trim draped over a chair

    3. A thick duvet that you'll definitely want around on chilly nights. It has a soft cotton cover and polyester filling, making it lightweight, but still very warm.

    A thick duvet on a bed with two pillows

    4. A set of flannel bedsheets that'll keep you warm and toasty, if you're someone who's always cold. They're made of 100% organic cotton, and reviewers love that the fitted sheet has extra-deep pockets.

    A bed covered with soft flannel sheets and two pillows

    5. A duvet cover with a quilted pattern that'll make your space look super cozy. It has a hidden zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off your duvet when you're ready to wash it.

    A bed with a thick duvet and pillows on it

    6. A lavender-infused pillow that'll help you wind down after a long day. The memory foam filling will give your neck more support than a typical pillow, but is still really comfy.

    A small pillow lying on a bed

    7. A fitted bedsheet with a dotted pattern that'll be a little fancier than the plain white one you're currently using. It's made with a blend of cotton and polyester, making it durable and oh-so soft.

    A couple of pillows and a bedsheet on a bed

    8. A throw blanket with a colourful plaid print that’ll add a rustic vibe to your bedroom. It’s made of a soft, plush polyester material that’ll feel as good as it looks.

    A soft throw blanket is draped over a wooden chair

    9. A body pillow that'll replace all the other pillows on your bed. The curved shape is perfect for snuggling and will support your neck, stomach, and hips, making it the perfect sleeping companion.

    A person sleeping on their side with a long U-shaped pillow around them

    10. A stylish duvet cover that'll upgrade your bedroom decor. It's made of soft microfibre polyester and has four corner ties that'll keep your comforter from moving while you sleep.

    A thick duvet on a bed with tons of pillows

    11. A set of unbelievably soft bedsheets that you'll want to come home to every night. They have a distressed look and are made of 100% polyester microfibre that'll feel as comfy as your favourite T-shirt.

    Two pillows on a bed with a top sheet

    12. A plushy throw pillow that is super cute and looks more expensive than it actually is. It's made of ultra-soft faux fur and comes in three neutral colours that'll look good in any space.

    A fluffy throw pillow on a small chair with a blanket

    13. A pillowcase that you'll probably fall ramen-tically in love with. It’s made with a soft, but durable blend of cotton and polyester that’ll jazz up your bedding with a little colour — plus, it’ll showcase your love for those tasty noodles.

    A bed with a large pillow that has a pillowcase with a drawing of a bowl of ramen on it

    14. And an adorable duvet cover that you'll be really glad you pricked. It’s minimalistic, but the metallic gold accents will add a bit of sparkle to your space.

    A thick duvet on a large bed with pillows

    15. A super-firm pillow with a breathable memory foam filling and a cool gel surface that'll keep you from getting overheated, if you're someone who tends to run hot.

    A memory foam pillow on a bed

    16. A pair of pillow covers that'll add a nice pop of colour to your bed and make your room look a little cozier. They have a soft, velvety texture and they're fade resistant, so they'll still look good after you throw them in the wash.

    Two decorative pillows One in a small bin and the other leaning against it

    17. A weighted blanket that'll hold you tight and won't let go. The weight of the blanket mimics the pressure you'd feel when someone hugs you, providing an instant calming effect.

    18. A throw blanket that is anything but plain. The cute pom-poms and tassel trim will add a bohemian chic aesthetic to your bedspread. And it has a fun colour block pattern that'll look so pretty on your bed, you'll want to upload a pic to Pinterest.

    A thick throw blanket with tassels on the ends lying at the end of a bed

    19. A plushy body pillow with a polyester filling that'll bounce back without hesitation, so you won't have to worry about it getting flat. It'll support your shoulders, back, and hips so well that you'll want to cuddle with all night long.

    A person lying in bed and stretching with the hands up over their head

    20. And a faux fur cover that'll make your body pillow even more snuggly. The soft sherpa material won't shed, so you won't have to worry about it messing up your bedspread.

    A fluffy body pillow on a bed

    21. A duvet cover that'll add some calm to your bedroom with the combination of cream and sage green colours. Plus, there's a mix of stripes and dotted patterns that'll add a little texture to your bedding.

    A duvet on a bed covered with pillows

    22. A knee pillow made especially for side sleepers, pregnant women, and anyone with hip or back pain. It'll keep your hips, legs, and spine in perfect alignment all night long, so you'll wake up actually feeling rested.

    A person cradling a small rectangular pillow between their thighs and knees

    23. A duvet with a filling made from recycled plastic bottles. It has a fancy woven pattern that'll look so good on your bed, you won't even want to use the cover that comes with it.

    A lightweight duvet on a bed with pillows

    24. A throw blanket with a chunky knit pattern that'll look like you made it by hand. You can use it as an extra layer on cold nights, or just leave it at the end of your bed as decoration.

    A chunky knit blanket on a chair

    25. And finally, a hilarious pillowcase that'll thrill anyone who loves cats and puns in equal amounts. It'll brighten up your bedding with a little colour and make you laugh, too.

    A pillowcase with illustrations of cats as a avocado, a cactus and a taco

    You with your new bedding products:

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