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    20 Products That’ll Repair, Polish, And Upcycle Your Clothes

    Everything old is new again.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bottle of fabric dye that'll put a little colour back into your faded denim. Or you can use it add a cute tie dye design to give your old T-shirts, sweaters, and other clothing items a new look.

    Amazon / Via

    Reviewers say the instructions were very easy to follow and the dye hasn't faded, even after washing their clothing several times.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $6.71+. Available in 22 colours.

    2. A shoe cleaning kit that'll give your favourite footwear new life. It's made with coconut extracts and jojoba to gently, but effectively, remove stains from leather, suede, canvas, or nubuck.

    Victoria Kuglin/buzzFeed

    "When I first got myself a pair of crisp white Birkenstocks a few years ago, I was thrilled — for about five minutes. And then life happened, and they went from being a gorgeous summer sandal to a dingy, grey shoe I was desperate to hide.

    It's honestly magic. I splashed a generous amount of the all-natural cleaning solution into a bowl of warm water, and dipped the hog-hair brush right in. A few scrubs later, my lovely Birks were restored not just to a wearable level, but to near-new status. The entire kit is designed for suede, nubuck, and leather shoes, so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about damage or lifting of dye." —Victoria Kuglin

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Crep Protect Cure Shoe Cleaning Travel Kit (#2 on the list).

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.

    3. An eco-friendly wine remover spray, if you have a stain on your shirt from drinking a glass of red, red wine. It's made with a citrusy blend of fruit and vegetable extracts, making it bleach-free, biodegradable, and safe to use around children and pets.

    Amazon / Via, Emily Shwake / BuzzFeed

    "My first experiment involved a fresh red wine spill on a bright white shirt. I really did a number on this shirt so I drenched it in WineAway. The wine didn't disappear in the allotted one to five minutes, but after letting it dry overnight, the stain was almost completely gone.

    Afterward, there was still a faint outline of a stain on the shirt, so a few more applications might be necessary, but I definitely preferred this to any heavy-duty scrubbing that I would have otherwise had to do." —Emily Shwake

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Wine Away Red wine stain remover.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $16.75.

    4. A pack of bra extenders that'll give you a little extra breathing room. They're super easy to install, and they come in three neutral colours that'll probably match most of your bras.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of three from Amazon Canada for $9.99+. Available in four colour sets and with three and hooks.

    5. A sewing kit that you'll want around during your next fashion emergency. It's fully equipped with everything you'll need to mend small tears in your clothes or sew a buttons back on your shirts. It also comes with a small fabric case that'll fit in your bag, so you can take it with you anywhere.

    Amazon / Via

    The full set includes a pair of scissors, 12 rolls of thread, a pack of sewing needles, a pack of shirt buttons, a seam ripper, a thimble, two needle threader tools. and a roll of foldable tape.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $11.99.

    6. An electric lint remover that'll gently remove stray fibres from your clothes and furniture, so they look as good as new. It comes with a long USB cord to plug into your laptop or power bank charger, making it a great travel-friendly tool.

    Kaysey Davis/BuzzFeed

    The lint remover comes with a power cord, an extra blade, a storage bag, and a cleaning brush.

    "I got this because my favourite sweaters were starting to look kind of grungy. I tried using lint rollers, but they weren't picking up enough of the pills on my knits, and it was so time consuming. This electric shaver got rid of ALL the annoying pills and my sweaters look good as new. It's super gentle on clothes and it took way less time to get rid of the pills." —Kaysey Davis

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Union Fabric Shaver Lint Remover (#1 on the list).

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $16.98.

    7. A pair of no-tie shoelaces that'll replace the frayed laces you're currently using. They'll make putting on your running shoes a quick and easy process. And they lock in place with a toggle stopper, so you can decide how loose or tight you want them.

    A person wearing running shoes with shoelaces that have a toggle
    Amazon / Via

    Reviewers like how durable these laces are and use them on a variety of different shoes.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $11.99. Available in 12 colours.

    8. A roll of peel and stick velcro strips that'll keep your favourite button up shirt from gaping, so you won't have to worry about adjusting your shirt all the time. It's a quick and easy fix if you don't want to sew your shirt, and you can use it on just about any material.

    Kristin Chirico / BuzzFeed

    Stick onto whatever material you want and leave it for 24 hours to set completely.

    "Did it hold my shirt together? You bet your sweet bananas it did! Did it last throughout the day? Dude, yes, it was crazy! I was asking people basically all day if a) anything was holding together my shirt and b) if they could see what was holding it together. Literally no one could tell that anything was there, let alone Velcro! This is meant to be permanent (and washable, if you follow the instructions), so you can peel it off afterward, but it's not as easy as with regular tape. My shirt was fine when I peeled it off, but every shirt is different!" —Kristin Chirico

    To learn more, check out "I Tried Out 4 Lazy-Girl Shirt-Gaping Solutions, And Got Surprisingly Lucky".

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $6.91.

    9. A pack of zipper extensions that'll replace the tabs that have broken off your jacket, backpack, and other items. The cords are made of extra durable nylon that won't break and have little handles at the ends that are easy to grip. Plus, they come in a bunch of bright colours, so you'll be able to find your zipper quickly from now on.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of 80 for Amazon Canada for $14.99.

    10. A pack of fabric bonding strips, if you need to hem your pants, but don’t know how to sew. They're permanent adhesives, so you won't have to replace them and they'll make it through several cleaning cycles in the washing machine and dryer.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of 30 from Amazon Canada for $12.17.

    11. A tub of OxiClean laundry stain remover that'll return your white clothing to their original colour. Just add a bit to to your load or dissolve some in a basin of water to pre-soak your clothes to get the more stubborn stains out.

    A tub of stain remover, a large bottle of stain remover, and plastic bag of stain remover
    @oxicleanofficial / Via

    It'll remove dirt, grease, food, blood, and makeup with ease and it's chlorine free and colour safe. Reviewers noticed that their clothes were significantly brighter after using this stain remover and some said it worked wonders on their bath mats and kitchen towels.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $11.98.

    12. A little cage that'll help your hat keep its shape while you wash it. Just place your cap inside and stick it on the top rack of your dishwasher. You can also use it to protect your hats in your suitcase if you're travelling.

    Three baseball caps in protective plastic cages sitting on the top rack of a dishwasher
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $21.92.

    13. A pack of cleaning wipes that'll get rid of the annoying salt stains on your favourite boots. They're made with an all-natural formula that won't damage your shoes and work on suede, rubber, fabric, and nubuck materials.

    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    Get a pack of ten from Amazon Canada for $8.99. Also available in a pack of 15.

    14. A button replacement kit that'll help you fix the broken button on your favourite denim jacket or pair of jeans. They’re easy to install: all you’ll need is a pair of pliers or a hammer and a can-do attitude.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of 20 from Amazon Canada for $14.38.

    15. A pack of iron-on patches that'll turn your clothing and accessories into pieces of embroidered art. There are tons to choose from, like foods, plants, and animals, so you can choose which ones suit your personality.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of 30 from Amazon Canada for $16.99.

    16. A detachable collar that'll make your comfy sweaters look more professional without adding another layer of clothing. They're made with blend of cotton and polyester, and some come with fun embellishments on the collar like brooches or lace.

    Amazon / Via, Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $15. Available in 14 styles.

    17. A pair of insoles that'll make any pair of shoes as comfortable as your favourite slippers. The thick foam material will provide support and help reduce stress on your feet, ankles, and knees. Plus, they're finished with an odour-reducing coating to keep your shoes from getting smelly.

    A pile of long shoe insoles lying on grass
    @superfeet / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $42.33+. Available in sizes 6.5-12.

    18. A pack of iron-on patches that'll cover the holes on your jeans and keep them from getting bigger. They come in four different shades of blue, so you can find one that matches your clothes. You can also use them to add a cool patchwork design if you're feeling crafty.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of 12 from Amazon Canada for $9.99.

    19. A bottle of clear nail polish that’ll keep your frayed clothing, like jeans or tights, from getting worse. Just apply a couple coats two the ripped area and voilà, you're good to go. You can also use it on your costume jewelry to prevent it from tarnishing and chipping.

    A bottle of clear nail polish
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $2.77.

    20. And finally, a crafty book that'll teach you the art of upcycling. It'll show you different ways to mend and repair your clothes and add a little personality by incorporating patches or embroidery. And it'll give you ideas for repurposing your clothes in other household items once they're no longer wearable.

    A person holding a book called Wear, Repair, Repurpose in front of a rack of clothing
    @mindful_mending / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $23.31. Also available for Kindle.

    You getting crafty:

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