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    32 Products For Anyone Who Spends Most Of Their Time In Their Kitchen

    What's cooking, good looking?

    1. A cookware set that'll give your cooking game a much-needed upgrade. It's perfect for everyday use and it comes with a small booklet of delicious Tasty recipes that you'll want to make immediately.

    A bunch of pots and and pans on a counter with a recipe book and pinch bowls

    2. A magnetic rack that'll create more storage space on the front or side of your fridge. It has a combination of shelf space, bars, and hooks, meaning it'll hold everything from spices and cookbooks to paper towels and oven mitts.

    A small shelf stuck to the side of a fridge with paper towel, tea towels and scissors hanging from it

    3. A cut-resistant glove that'll protect your digits while you're slicing and dicing in the kitchen. It has little silicone dots on the palms to give you a better grip, and the fingertips have a thick rubbery coating for extra protection.

    A person wearing a thick glove while cutting a lemon with a large knife

    4. A thick anti-fatigue mat that'll provide extra cushioning for your feet and save them from the cold, hard floor while you're cooking. The non-slip surface will keep you from slippin' and slidin', and it's stain resistant, making it super easy to clean.

    A person standing on a cushy mat in their kitchen

    5. A pair of silicone mats that'll become the most useful tools in your kitchen. They're heat resistant and have a smooth, non-slip surface on one side and a grooved pattern on the other.

    6. A small bowl that'll collect scraps while you're cutting or peeling foods. It comes with a 2-in-1 brush and scraper that'll help you clean your countertops without damaging them or getting your hands dirty.

    A person scraping vegetable and fruit peels into a small bin hanging off the end of a counter

    7. A pair of food bag holders you'll want around the next time you're meal prepping. The non-slip rubber base will keep your bag secure and the adjustable arms will hold the bag open, so you can easily fill it. You can also use them to dry your reusable bags after you've cleaned them.

    a V-shaped plastic bag holder with clips at the tops and a wide base on a counter with plates of fruit and veggies

    8. A super cute vacuum cleaner that'll suck up small crumbs on your countertop and table. It only works on dry particles, but it's a great device to keep near your toaster or oven where food bits tend to multiply.

    A person using a tiny vacuum cleaner on their kitchen countertop

    9. A utensil holder with four hidden compartments, so you can organize your kitchen tools by function, colour, or size. And it has a rotating base that'll make it easier to find whatever you're looking for.

    A large porcelain utensil holder filled with wooden spoons and a whisk

    10. A bottle of Dawn dish spray that'll save you some time scrubbing hardened food off your pots and pans. It works without water, so you'll just have to spray, wipe, and rinse your dishes clean.

    A person spraying dish wash on their dirty dishes in the sink

    11. A silicone funnel that'll make transferring liquids a mess-free affair. Not only is it super tiny, but it's also foldable, so it'll only take up a few inches of space in your kitchen drawer.

    A small silicone funnel balancing on the lip of a glass carafe filled with milk

    12. A set of food storage containers that'll be a lot more aesthetically pleasing than your plain ol' cereal and pasta boxes. Each one has a button on the lid that locks it with an airtight seal, keeping your dry foods from going stale.

    13. A foldable cutting board that'll help you transfer your chopped veggies and herbs into the pan when you're cooking. It'll lay flat while you're cutting and will transform into a funnel when you grip the handle.

    14. A stackable bin that'll help declutter and organize your fridge, without taking up a lot of space. Plus, they're completely transparent, so you can easily see what's inside.

    15. A Click and Grow indoor garden that'll turn your kitchen into a personal vegetable plot. It’s a super low-maintenance garden and can grow up to nine plants at a time. Now you can use fresh produce in your cooking year-round that’s completely free of herbicides or pesticides.

    16. A set of silicone baking mats that'll render your cookie spray and roll of parchment paper obsolete. They'll prevent your baked goods from burning or sticking, and they come in three different sizes so they'll fit most cookie sheets.

    A person picking up a cookie from a baking tray with a kitchen spatula The baking tray is line with a silicone mat

    17. An expandable tiered shelf that'll transform your chaotic cupboards into an orderly oasis. Now you'll be able to see the cans and bottles in the back row without having to move everything around.

    A person placing a can of beans on a small shelf in a cupboard

    18. A wooden stand that'll keep your cookbook or tablet at the perfect angle, so you can follow your recipe while whisking and stirring. It also has a helpful equivalents chart written on it, saving you from Googling the right measurement every time.

    19. An Instant Pot that combines six different kitchen appliances into one — saving you a ton of space and effort. It'll replace your biggest and bulkiest kitchen appliances, like your pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer.

    A large pressure with plates and bowls of food around it

    20. And a pair of cheat sheet magnets, so you can use your pressure cooker like a pro. They'll tell you how long to cook pasta and meat, and how much liquid to put in the pot with your grains and veggies.

    An Instant pot with a large magnet on the side

    21. A can of cookware cleaner that'll restore your dishes to their former glory. You can use it on stainless steel, porcelain, and glass kitchenware to remove everything from grease and rust stains to hard water deposits.

    A person cleaning their metal pan with cleansing powder

    22. A mixing tool that'll stir any sauce, batter, or gravy you're making. (You can even use it to break up ground meat.) The blade is thick enough to mix ingredients without over-stirring, and the silicone fins will help you scrape the sides of the bowl, so you won't need a spatula to get the last bit of batter out.

    A silicone mixing spoon in a metal bowl filled with chocolate batter

    23. A pair of oven mitts that'll protect your hands while you move your food in and out of the oven. The tops have a non-slip silicone coating that'll make it easier to grip your trays and pans.

    A pair of oven mitts hanging from the wall

    24. A set of stylish pinch bowls that'll come in handy when you're preparing all your ingredients for baking. They're deep enough to hold liquids, and they can also double as small serving bowls for dips or toppings.

    A set of six bowls filled with different ingredients on a counter

    25. A cabinet tray that'll spin like a lazy Susan and save you from reaching to the back of your cupboard or fridge for your ingredients. And it has a non-slip surface, so your jars and bottles won't fall off when you're spinning it.

    26. A set of stainless steel knives that come in different colours, so you'll know exactly which knife to use when you're cooking. They’ll also brighten up your kitchen decor with their bold shades.

    27. A pair of salad scissors, so you can slice fruits and vegetables as fast as Edward Scissorhands. You can easily chop produce right into the bowl, so you won't need a cutting board. Making a salad just got ten times easier.

    28. A little stand that'll give you a place to rest your lids and utensils to keep your countertops neat and clean when you're making soups and sauces. You can also use it to prop up your cookbook or tablet.

    A small stand with a pot lid and ladle resting on it

    29. A pack of silicone covers that'll create a tight seal around cans and bowls if you have leftovers. They're reusable and they come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of containers.

    Two glass bowls of different sizes with silicone covers on them

    30. A thick canvas apron that'll protect your clothes from getting dirty and provide you with a bunch of helpful cooking info. The apron has a measurement conversion chart, a meat doneness scale, and veggie cooking time chart, and it's all printed upside down, so you can read it easily. It's the ultimate life hack for any amateur cook.

    31. A set of handmade stickers that'll help you label and decorate all your storage containers. The vinyl material is super durable, so you won't have to worry about it flaking or disappearing after you wash it.

    Five food storage containers with labels on the front

    32. And finally, a KitchenAid stand mixer that'll unleash your inner Martha Stewart. The KitchenAid is the holy grail of cooking appliances and it comes with a flat beater, a dough hook, and a wire whip to do all the heavy lifting.

    A large stand mixer on a counter top with a baked pie next to it

    You in the kitchen:

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