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    32 Gift Ideas For The Twentysomething Grandma In Your Life

    They may not be old, but they're definitely old at heart.

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    1. A soy wax candle that'll burn as slowly as the romance novel they're currently reading. It comes in a beautiful glass jar that they can reuse once they've finished burning it.

    A candle jar on a wooden background

    2. A knit cardigan that they’ll want to layer over every outfit. They probably have a ton of basic cardis, but this one has beautiful flower-shaped buttons that'll add a little glam to their look.

    A person wearing a skirt, long-sleeved shirt, and a fuzzy cardigan over top

    3. A deck of Golden Girls playing cards that they’ll love, because they practically idolize Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia. Each character represents a different suit in the deck of cards, and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful.

    Four cards next to a deck of cards

    4. A jewelry box with multiple compartments to organize their earrings, necklaces, and rings. The rich velvet material makes it look more expensive than it actually is, and there's a built-in mirror that'll make it easier to try on their accessories when they're getting ready.

    A velvet-covered jewelry box with a mirror and six little compartments filled with rings, earrings, and necklaces.

    5. A bestselling calligraphy book, which will help them learn the art form of fancy lettering, and a set of brush pens, so they can start ~write~ away. It's a beginner's guide and has 15 in-book writing projects that'll give them all the practice they need.

    6. A set of fancy jams that'll take their charcuterie board game to the next level. It comes with a mix of classic fruity jams and more unique wine-based jellies for when they want to try something different.

    Six jars of jam stacked on top of each other

    7. A pyjamas set that they'll love wearing when they're home (which is pretty much every night, TBH). It'll feel super soft on their skin and the pants have a comfortable elastic waistband.

    A person wearing a matching pyjamas shirt and pants

    8. A silk sleep mask that’ll block out any light they can still see through the curtains (because let’s face it, they’re in bed before the sun sets). It’s made of 100% mulberry silk and has a thick, stretchy band across the back that won't get tangled in their hair.

    Three silk sleep mask in a pile

    9. A cute cat mug, because they have a not-so-secret obsession with cats and look for every opportunity to showcase it. This mug radiates Caturday vibes and it comes with a small kitty-shaped spoon to stir their coffee.

    A small coffee mug with a cat face drawn on the front There is a small spoon with a cat face at the end of the handle

    10. A copy of Joanna Gaines' book Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave that'll prove staying home is the new going out. It's all about how their home can reflect their personality through decorations and is filled with tons of photos that'll inspire them to make their space more homey.

    11. A knitting set, because they either love to knit or have always wanted to learn. It'll help them ~unwind~ after a long day and inspire them to make a bunch of knitted goodies (like scarves, hats, and blankets).

    12. A set of glass planters that'll make their greenery look like home decor. It's the perfect size for a small plant, or they can use it to grow a cutting for propagation.

    A wooden plant stand with two glass bulbs hanging from it

    13. A crossbody bag by Matt & Nat that they'll never want to leave the house without. It has three compartments, so it's spacious enough to hold all their essentials (like snacks). Plus, it has a detachable strap, if they want to use it as a clutch or wallet.

    A person wearing a small crossbody bag

    14. An adorable ornament that'll make a great addition to their collection of holiday knickknacks. Each one is handmade, so they're guaranteed to get something truly unique.

    15. A pair of practical platform Oxfords that are as comfortable as they are stylish (two things that are super important to them). These ones have thick rubber soles to cushion their feet and are also water resistant, so they can wear them in the rain.

    A person wearing a pair of oxford with a thick platform

    16. A set of whimsical fairy lights that'll emit a warm glow, creating the perfect mood for their evening indoors. The string comes with 20 clear clothespins, so they can hang a bunch of pictures or postcards, without blocking the light.

    Glowing fairy lights in the shape of a heart with pictures hanging from them

    17. A travel-friendly Kindle that'll let them carry their impressive library collection with them at all times. Even though they really like reading a print book, they're willing to admit the benefits of a Kindle.

    A Kindle eReader lying on a large knit blanket

    18. A popcorn gift set that'll make the perfect snack for their next movie night. The set comes with three types of seasoning, so they can choose sweet, salty, or spicy.

    Three tall jars of popcorn kernels and three small jars of popcorn seasonings

    19. A copy of Mary Berg's latest cookbook that'll inspire them to add a few new homecooked meals to their menu. It has over 100 tasty recipes and reviewers love how easy the instructions are to follow (especially for amateur cooks).

    20. A super-cute apron that'll help them look the part when they whip up their next Insta-worthy dessert. It'll protect their clothes from stains while they bake, and it has an adjustable tie at the waist and a large pocket in the front.

    An apron spread out on a wooden table with a wooden spoon in the front pocket an a whisk placed on top

    21. A Click and Grow countertop garden that'll turn their kitchen into a personal vegetable plot. It can grow three plants at a time, so they can use fresh produce in their cooking year-round that’s completely free of herbicides or pesticides.

    A small rectangular box with lettuce growing out of it and a lamp above it

    22. A wooden page holder that'll fit on their finger like a ring. It'll help them hold their book open, because book-induced hand cramps are a thing.

    A person holding a paperback book open with a large wooden diamond-shaped ring on their thumb

    23. A throw blanket, so they can assume their true identity as a human burrito while they binge watch Grace & Frankie. It has the same pattern as the red stripe wool socks they love wearing.

    A knit blanket draped over a wooden chair

    24. A large ceramic mug with a removable stainless steel infuser that'll brew a fresh and flavourful cup of tea for them to enjoy. They firmly believe tea is the elixir of life, and this mug comes with a lid that'll seal in heat to keep their drink warm for longer.

    A large ceramic mug with a tea strainer and lid beside it

    25. A set of beautifully-illustrated greeting cards, because they love sending a handwritten letters more than an email or a text message. Each card is designed and printed in Canada, with two blank pages for them to fill with their kind words.

    Six greeting cards on a plain background

    26. A pack of wax seals that'll make the next letter they send extra special. They have an adhesive backing, so they won't need to warm up the wax every time.

    A wax seal on a piece of paper

    27. A pair of slippers that'll make them feel like they're walking on a cloud. They're lined with soft faux fur to keep their tootsies feeling cozy as heck.

    A pair of faux fur lined slippers

    28. An adult colouring book that’ll make them want to cancel their non-existent plans for a night of colouring! It’s filled with a bunch of funny and sassy quotes that they’ve definitely said before, and colouring them in will help them relax.

    A colouring book lying on a table with paint, brushes, and pencil crayons beside it

    29. A pack of hydrating sheet masks that they'll want around for their next at-home spa day. They're obsessed with sheet masks, and these ones are packed with essential oils that'll help hydrate their skin all winter long.

    30. A bamboo bathroom tray that'll keep all their creature comforts close by while they enjoy a relaxing soak. It has a stand to prop up their book, tablet, or eReader, and two built-in cup holders for a wine glass, coffee mug, or small candle.

    31. A box of beautiful bath bombs, because they believe no bath is complete without one. Each bath bomb will fill their tub with a blend of essential oils that'll help them relax.

    A cardboard box filled with twelve bath bombs

    32. And finally, a boxset of the To All The Boys I've Loved Before series they'll probably love because the main character Lara Jean is so relatable. Her favourite things to do are bake, read, scrapbook, stay in and watch ’80s romcoms, and shop for the best vintage clothing — that’s them to a tee!

    Three books lying on a table

    When they open their present:

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