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    All The Best Cyber Weekend Furniture And Decor Deals On Amazon Canada

    Bed sheets, curtains, plant accessories, and more!

    Cyber Weekend, the time when 🇨🇦 Amazon Canada 🇨🇦 has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME, is here!

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals on furniture and home decor! So you don't have to comb through the listings yourself.

    1. 39% off a multipurpose utility shelf that'll organize all your kitchen essentials. You can store your favourite cookbooks and appliances for easy access, and hang your kitchen tools from the six S-shaped hooks that come with it.

    2. 21% off a compact side table that you can place next to your couch or bed. It's made of 100% natural bamboo that is both lightweight and durable. It has a simple design, but it's the perfect size for small spaces.

    3. 23% off a pack of furniture felt pads that'll protect your floors from damage. The felt pads are extra durable and are lined with an adhesive, so you can stick it directly on dressers, chairs, desks, and tables.

    4. 31% off furniture polish that'll give your wood furniture a little extra TLC. It's made with beeswax and will help renew, protect, and shine finished and unfinished wood furniture. It can also be used on metal and chalkboard-painted surfaces.

    5. 19% off a bestselling shower curtain that has a weight hem to keep the curtain in place. The metal grommets are rust resistant and the curtain is made of mould-and mildew-resistant polyester fabric.

    6. 17% off blackout curtains that'll transform your bedroom into the cave of your dreams. Now, you can have a nap at anytime during the day without worry about sunlight or street lights disturbing your sleep. They're also insulated, so they'll help keep heat inside during the winter.

    7. 16% off a set of plushy bathroom towels that are incredibly soft, durable, and absorbent. The set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.

    8. 15% off a duvet set that'll take your bedroom decor to the next level. The duvet cover is made of 100% cotton, making it super soft and breathable, and the fancy pinched pleats will add an elegant and classic look to your bedspread.

    9. 15% off a pair of grid panels that'll turn your wall into a DIY bulletin board or photo wall. The grid design has a clean, minimalist aesthetic, and comes with 20 clips and four S hooks to hang all your favourite photos, notes, and postcards.

    10. 15% off a reversible microfibre slipcover that'll protect your chairs and couches from stains, dirt, and pet hair. The material is incredibly soft, and completely hypoallergenic. Plus, it has adjustable straps, so it won't slip off.

    11. 15% off a comfy weighted blanket that'll hug you tight and won't let go. The added weight mimics the feeling of being held, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

    12. 15% off a microfibre sheet set that'll feel like an absolute dream. They're thicker than other sheets, and are soft and wrinkle-resistant.

    13. 15% off this breakfast bar set that'll turn your kitchen into the cutest at-home French café. It comes with a rustic-looking hardwood table and two stools that tuck underneath to save space.

    14. 15% off a pair of extra-plushy pillows that are perfect for anyone who sleeps on their stomach or back. They're filled with an alternative down material and covered in a shell made of 100% microfibre, making it a great pillow for anyone with allergies.

    15. 15% off a flannel duvet cover that'll feel so luxurious, you'll never want to leave your bed again. The velvet flannel will keep you warm all winter long, and there's a hidden button closure to prevent the duvet from moving.

    16. 15% off a set of floating shelves that you can put anywhere in your home or office. The shelves are easy to install and help you utilize extra wall space if you don't have room for a traditional shelf.

    17. 15% off this eye-catching wall decal that'll create the perfect accent wall in your bedroom. It's a great wall decoration for any beauty lover, and is super easy to apply and remove.

    18. 15% off a minimalist-looking dresser that'll add extra storage space and a touch of elegance to your bedroom. The dresser has five drawers that are lined plastic dampers, so the drawers close slowly.

    19. 15% off a pack of glow-in-the-dark stickers that'll turn your bedroom walls into a star-filled night sky. The pack comes with three different-sized stars and a single moon sticker that will stick easily to your wall. Plus, they are super easy to remove.

    20. 11% off large woven basket that'll store and organize extra linens when you're not using them. It's super cute and incredibly portable, so you don't have to carry your blankets up and down the stairs.

    21. 10% off a string of shiny gold shapes that'll add a little extra something to your wall decor. You can use it to decorate your walls during a special occasion or hang it up to add a little something extra to your every day decor.

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