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    27 Beauty Gifts To Treat Your Mom To For Mother's Day

    These products will treat your mom from head to toe.

    1. This four-piece Ilia makeup set for the mom that has a simple and practical beauty routine. The set comes with mascara, lip oil, eye tint, and a lip mask that'll help them achieve that flawless "no-makeup" makeup look.

    A tube of mascara, lip gloss, eye tint, and a container of lip mask in a row

    2. These Aveeno hand masks that'll help rebalance their skin's moisture levels in ten minutes. They're great for anyone who has very dry, but also very sensitive skin. The main ingredients are shea butter and oat, and it's unscented, so it won't irritate their skin.

    3. This bottle of nail polish, so they can treat themselves to an at-home manicure. The soft pink shade will definitely remind them of spring and add a nice pop of colour to their nails.

    A bottle of nail polish

    4. These Fenty Beauty lip glosses that'll make a great addition to their collection of lippies. They can wear them alone or swipe them over their favourite lipsticks to create colourful and shiny lewks.

    Two mini tubes of lip gloss on a plain background

    5. This Gucci Bloom perfume that'll have your mom smelling like an actual garden all day long. It has notes of tuberose, jasmine, and Rangoon creeper to create a light, but fragrant floral scent.

    A bottle of perfume on a small rock covered in petals

    6. This face mask by Kiehl's that'll work its magic overnight, so they'll wake up with plump dewy skin the next morning. It absorbs very quickly, so they can use it right before they go to bed, without worrying about it rubbing off on their pillow.

    A face mask container lying on its side

    7. This Aquis microfibre towel that'll absorb water faster from their hair than a traditional towel does. It's also extra gentle, so their hair will be safe from breakage and split ends.

    8. This cosmetic organizer that'll keep all their beauty items in plain sight. It comes in two pieces that they can stack on top of each other and has a rotatable base, so they can easily find what they're looking for.

    A round cosmetic organizer that's filled with small makeup and skincare products

    9. These Rodial sheet masks made with bamboo charcoal that'll help remove dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells from their dermis. It also has a blend of collagen, ceramide, and vitamins A and E to give their skin a little hydration boost, too.

    10. This liquid foundation by Bite Beauty that'll feel as light as a feather on their skin and last all day long. Reviewers really like the natural-looking finish and say a little product goes a long way in terms of coverage.

    Four tubes of foundation in different colours

    11. This two-step Erno Lazlo face peel that'll give their skin the glow up it deserves. It's packed with vitamin C to illuminate their face and even out their complexion, along with a dose of hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate their skin.

    A container with a face scrub inside next to a bottle of vitamin c

    12. These itty-bitty bath bombs that'll add a nice and relaxing touch to their next soak. The blend of fruity and floral scents will soothe their senses and the mix of essential oils will help them relax.

    Five glass jars filled with heart-shaped bath bombs

    13. This cleansing butter from The Body Shop that'll melt away all the makeup and dirt from their skin, without leaving it feeling tight or dry. It's made with chamomile extract, so it'll leave their skin feeling soft and soothed.

    A round metal tin of cleansing butter

    14. This electronic brush cleaner that'll do all the hard work, so your mom won't have to. The spinning wand will clean AND dry their tools, and it comes with eight attachments that'll fit a variety of different makeup brushes.

    15. This green beauty set for the mama who's trying to be more eco-conscious. The set includes a few skincare essentials that are all handmade in Montreal. Plus, all the packaging is either reusable or compostable, so they won't have to worry about generating more waste.

    A cardboard box filled with lip balm, a tin with toothpaste in it and a small sack with a shampoo and conditioner bar

    16. A vegan lip stain by Bite Beauty that actually looks more like a lipstick because it has such buildable coverage. It's lightweight and hydrating, and reviewers say it'll last all day long. Some have even used it as blush, because the shades are so bold.

    Three tubes of lipstick in a row

    17. This silk sleep mask that’ll block out any light they can still see through the curtains. It’s made of 100% mulberry silk and has a thick, stretchy band across the back that won't get tangled in their hair.

    Writer's image of the pink marble sleep mask

    18. This hair mask that'll restore their tresses to their former glory, if they're looking a little dead. It'll help soften, tame, and moisturize their locks with a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, linseed, and argan oil.

    A person holding a tub of hair mask behind their neck and wearing a hair towel on their head

    19. This Black Opium perfume by Yves Saint Laurent that'll become your mom's new signature scent. It has notes of black coffee, white flowers, and vanilla that create a warm and spicy fragrance they won't be able to resist.

    A large square-shaped bottle of perfume with a round top

    20. These bottles of shower gel and body lotion that are loaded with vitamin E and B5 to give their dry skin all the hydration it needs. Plus, they come in a ton of mouthwatering scents (like coconut and mango) that'll remind them of summer.

    21. This Naked3 eyeshadow palette that'll help them achieve a subtle, but romantic eye makeup ~lewk~. It's the holy grail of all palettes, because the combination of shimmery pink and brown shades will complement any skin tone.

    A person holding an open eyeshadow palette

    22. This vegan body scrub that'll reenergize their skin and soul with a blend of roasted coffee grinds and sweet almond oil. They'll fall in love with the grainy texture and intoxicating scent of this exfoliant, and it also has vitamin E in it to keep skin hydrated.

    23. This Laneige skincare set that'll keep their skin hydrated as heck. They'll get a full-sized moisturizer, along with a mini-sized essence and sleeping mask, so they can try them out before deciding which ones they want to keep using.

    A small bottle of essence, a container of moisturizer, and a small container with a sleeping mask next to a box they came in

    24. This Briogeo scalp massager brush they'll love if their favourite part of every hair appointment is the complimentary head massage. The bristles will work the shampoo into their hair, making it easier and faster to wash their tresses.

    25. A lip care set by Fenty Beauty that'll hit the reset button on their dry, cracked pout. It comes with a lip scrub stick and lip balm to exfoliate and nourish their lips.

    An open tube of lip scrub and lip balm lying next to the box they came in

    26. A dry facial brush by Province Apothecary that'll become part of their morning ritual. It'll feel like a mini massage on their face and help remove dead skin cells, encourage blood circulation, and reduce puffiness.

    27. And finally, this 2-in-1 hair dryer and volumizer that'll help them achieve that effortless, bouncy blowout that Cindy Crawford and Cher Horowitz perfected in the '90s. They can easily streamline their hairstyling process with this powerful, one-step hair tool.

    Your mom with their new products:

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