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    18 Thoughtful Baby Gifts That Any Expectant Parent Will Love

    Blankets, monitors, onesies, and more!

    1. A pair of bestselling leather-sole baby shoes that have an elasticized ankle, so they won't fall off.

    2. A breathable car seat cover that also functions as a breastfeeding cover. It's like a soft, stretchy canopy for the baby, and creates a quiet, private space for them to sleep or nurse.

    3. Inspire an early love of reading with a classic children's book like Guess How Much I Love You or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. These board books are printed on thick paperboard, so they're extra durable!

    4. A car mirror that can be adjusted to get the perfect view of the little one at any time. It comes with two multiway straps, so it's easy to install and fits most headrests.

    5. An adorable clothing set that any Potterhead parent would love to dress their new baby in.

    6. A large-capacity diaper bag that fits all the necessary baby items inside, but is also so stylish you'll actually want to carry it with you everywhere.

    7. Keep the baby close and your hands free with this super-snuggly baby sling. The stretchy cotton band is strong enough to support the baby until they're 35 pounds and is so comfortable you can wear it as you accomplish all your day-to-day chores and activities.

    8. Capture every moment with this Insta-worthy baby milestone blanket. It's large, extra-fluffy, and is a great backdrop to photograph every week and month of the baby's first year.

    9. You can mix, blend, and puree anything into fresh baby food in minutes with this bestselling mini food processor and store it all in a set of food storage containers that are the perfect portion size.

    10. A hooded towel that's made of thick, organic bamboo, so you can swaddle the baby in nothing but softness. The towel is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, too!

    11. A pack of extra-durable cotton bodysuits that are so soft, breathable, and comfy that the baby can wear them every day. They're machine-washable and come in neutral colours, so they'll go with anything!

    12. A baby lounger that gently cradles your newborn baby, so you can have a much-needed hands-free moment. It's designed for babies up to 16 pounds and has a handle at the top for easy portability.

    13. A bestselling static-free baby monitor that blocks out background noises and uses an encrypted signal for extra security. It has a built-in belt clip, so you're free to move anywhere in the house.

    14. A super-gentle electric nail trimmer that makes cutting the baby's nails a safe and anxiety-free affair. The filing discs are soft and rounded, so they're safe to use on a newborn baby.

    15. A cute whale-shaped bath cup with a sturdy handle, so you can easily rinse the baby off without getting water or soap in their eyes.

    16. A minimalist, odour-controlling diaper pail that will look good in any nursery and comes with a foot pedal for easy diaper disposal. The refill bags are super easy to change out and can hold up to 270 newborn diapers!

    17. A multifunctional electric bottle sterilizer that also dries and warms bottles at the touch of a button. This spacious device has two baskets that can fit four nine-ounce bottles and an assortment of baby accessories like pacifiers, cutlery, and breast pumps.

    18. And finally, a small LED night light that will make midnight feeds and diaper changes infinitely easier because you can actually see everything. The light also has a timer setting and a night mode feature, so the baby can sleep or breastfeed in a soft light that won't hurt their eyes.

    Your baby gift is going to rock the socks off everyone at the baby shower. Just be prepared for tears.