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    19 Planners For 2021 That You Can Get On Amazon Canada

    2021 is the year you actually get organized.

    1. A colourful agenda that you'll want to include in your next Instagram flat lay. It's filled with fun and useful features like an overview of the month, a notes section, a collection of inspirational quotes, and reminders about fun holidays like National Donut Day.

    A 2021 planner on a stack of notebooks with pencils and paper clips beside it

    2. A sleek day planner that'll make any students life way easier. There are pages for each week that have tons of space to write down all the tasks you want to accomplish. There are pages at the back to keep notes, too.

    An open agenda with a lined schedule for the week on both pages

    3. A self planner that'll help you prioritize all the tasks on your to-do list to keep you from procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed. You can rank tasks based on their importance and break down your schedule into time blocks, so you know exactly what you're doing that day — down to the hour.

    A small planner on a plain background with a pen next to it

    4. A monthly planner that you can keep on your wall or desk as you plan your schedule. You can write down appointments and special occasions for each day. Plus, there's a section at side to write down notes and achievements.

    A pad of paper with blank calendars printed on them

    5. A super-cute wall calendar that has a sassy and relatable saying for each month. The monthly grids are large enough to jot down important appointments and all the major holidays are already printed in there for you. Plus, it has over a bunch of stickers to decorate each page.

    6. A budget planner that'll help you finally create budget for yourself and actually stick to it. There's a worksheet to plan your expenses for the month, along with a weekly expense tracker where you can record your purchases.

    7. A floral-inspired monthly calendar where you can list the important dates you want to remember, like birthdays and anniversaries, instead of squeezing them all into a tiny square. And it's undated, so you won't have to transfer your information into a new one next year.

    8. A weekly planner that's small enough to fit in your pocket. It's the perfect planner for anyone who's always on the go and wants to sure they don’t miss a single thing.

    An open planner on a desk next to a laptop

    9. A monthly calendar that's so pretty, you'll look forward to the beginning of each month. The pages are thick enough to use those fancy fine liner pens you've been dying to try out.

    10. A literary-inspired planner that'll motivate any bookworm to stay organized this year. There are illustrations of classic reads and authors on every page and a space to write down the books you're reading each month.

    The cover of a 12-month planner with an illustration of a stack of books

    11. An eco-friendly notebook with an undated calendar you can scan using the Rocketbook app to create digital copies of your schedule. The paper is reusable, so at the end of each week or month you can wipe the paper with a damp cloth to erase everything.

    12. A lesson planner that'll become your very own teaching assistant. It has all the features a teacher needs to keep track of their workload including attendance sheets, grade sheets, and weekly lesson planning pages for up to 45 weeks and seven classes. There's even a space for a seating chart!

    13. An undated monthly planner that takes a scientific approach to productivity, happiness, and planning. There are daily, weekly, and monthly schedules and a space where you can write down what you're grateful for each day to encourage inner positivity. It's the perfect planner for anyone looking to achieve a better work-life balance.

    14. A classic bullet journal that can become an agenda and double as a sketchbook, diary, notebook, or a million other things. The inside is lined with a dotted grid to help you organize the page, making it easy to track goals and see progress.

    Two bullet journals on a table with cups of pencils beside them

    15. A compact budget planner that'll help you get your finances in order. There's a place to record and review your expenses each month, along with a space to write down your goals and strategies, so you have a clear financial plan for the year.

    A budget planner and three sheets of stickers on a plain background

    16. A monthly planner for anyone who loves organization and colourful language. It has a monthly overview where you can write down goals and priorities, along with a daily to-do list to help you manage your tasks.

    The cover of a planner for 2021

    17. An adorable weekly planner that'll last two years, so you won't have to buy a new one next year. It has the usual weekly and monthly calendar, but there's also a space a vision board, a contact list, and 20 pages for notes.

    A planner with illustrations of avocados on the cover

    18. A fancy Kate Spade desk calendar that'll add a little sparkle to your workspace. The stand is small enough that it won't take up a lot of space, and the monthly cards are hung on a pair of metal pegs, so you can easily switch them out.

    A small desk calendar next to other office supplies like a pen holder, a roll of tape and a folder

    19. And finally, a simple daily planner, if you want to add more details to your day-to-day schedule. You can write down your priorities and list of tasks, along with your water intake and meals. And there's a space to track your achievements, too.

    A pad of paper with a daily schedule written on it

    Your mantra for 2021:

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