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    May 22, 2015

    21 Times A Husky's Expression Said It All

    Huskies may be one of the most vocal dogs, but they also have a wide range of facial expressions to tell you how they feel.

    21. When They're High On Life

    I think someone needs some Adderall.

    20. Or Just Plain High

    "If I let go, you'll float away!"

    19. When They Have Their Sight Set On Something

    That poor cake didn't have a chance.

    18. When They've Messed Up

    "Please forgive me,...and maybe don't make me take a bath."

    17. But Have Too Much Pride to Admit Fault

    "I did this on purpose."

    16. Or Don't Realize They've Done Anything Wrong

    "Come on in, the water's fine."

    15. When They Know They're The Coolest Thing In Your Life

    "I'm the reason you have friends."

    14. When All The Love Was Just A Bit Overwhelming

    Ladies, ladies, there's enough of him to go around.

    13. Or A Lot Overwhelming

    "What did I get myself into?"

    12. And They Look To You To Correct The Problem

    "If someone doesn't get that dog off of me right now, I swear to gosh."

    11. When Whatever Just Happened Was Fricken Terrifying

    "I've seen things..."

    10. When You Hit Their Sweet Spot


    9. Or Got It All Wrong

    Just not having any of this.

    8. When You've Pissed Them Off

    "What do you mean you're adopting a new puppy?"

    7. Or Just Disappointed Them

    "I can't believe you dragged me into a duck-face selfie."

    6. When They Express Their Frustration With Words

    "Can you hear me now!?"

    5. Or Silently Plot Their Revenge

    "You are going to regret this."

    4. When You Exploit Their Cuteness

    "You're a jerk, but I'll pose because I love you."

    3. When They Didn't Get What They Wanted

    The pout is strong in this one.

    2. When They're Filled With Happiness

    So much joy.

    1. And They Know The World Is Their Oyster

    Thumbnail image via Calum Stewart.

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