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Mao Ze Dongz Personality Quiz

a quirky girl gang, all very different but united by friendship, which one are you

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  1. You come home to find 100 messages from the group chat, what do you do?

    Well all the messages are from me soooo
    ask someone to fill me in
    hmm i shall try again tomorrow
    read through the whole thing and respond to it all, i get FOMO
    jump in with what i was gonna txt and read later
    ask for a selfie time!!!
  2. The group hung out last night, where were you?

    Well it was at my house so yeah i was there
    I was 2 hours late bc i fell asleep but i made it
    i left early bc tiiiirreed
    indeed, i also gave errybody a ride home
    damnit i did not know that was happening, come to my house later
  3. Politics just came up at a family dinner, you:

    *cracks knuckles* I've been training for this my whole life
    moonwalk out of the room, you don't need this in your life
    make a quick joke about how orange trump is, they'll forget what they were talking about
    compliment aunt karen on her lovely new haircut! she'll feel so good she'll forget she was telling you you shouldn't have voted for hillary just cause she's a woman
    Listen intently for a few minutes, than muster up a question that literally stops everyone in their tracks bc they don't know how to answer it or argue with you
    dive in head first and then remember you hate arguing, now you're stuck being yelled by uncle timmy
  4. Shefs order!

    cream cheese on the side please (they put too much)
    walnut or veggie cream cheese fosho
    i love me a good BLT on a savory bagel
    egg and cheese on cinnamon raisin is a CLASSIC
    I Like to shpice it up a little !
  5. Music?

    i love country and i don't care who knows it (I'm looking at you kaylee and emily)
    anything is good as long as its a JAM
    I love indie rock but put on something i can SING to
    PWR BTTM, adult mom, the juno soundtrack, and other ~hip bands~ I've seen in BK
    tbh any song thats in a wes anderson movie
    im a big fan of finding new stuff on spotify but i also enjoy a good JAMILTON
    country, showtunes, pop, I'm all over the place let me live
  6. We just took a group photo at dinner, wyd w/ it

    editing it on my vsco and prepping to post
    fighting marisa on who exclusively gets to post it
    i'll ask for it to be sent to me but i aint getting involved
    what is a instagram
    i posted it while they weren't paying attention lol
  7. how do you like to dress

    athletic shorts are your friend (but when I'm dressing up i like ~green~)
    there is no such thing as an event you can't wear sweatpants to
    some highwaisted pants, supurgas, and a cute crop top from urban does the trick
    i like to think of it as chic middle school art teacher
    dress for success! big necklaces, cute shoes and no casual days
    i like to be preppy when i can but damn i lerv sweatpants 2
    trendy and hipster-ish but more put together than hipster, my only rule is no bras
  8. fave squad animal

    I love frida and rocco ~equally~
    Kevin the giraffe
    Ollie and Hooper
    Patches (loljk)
    Charlotte my beef stick
    rosie and cooper
  9. religious affiliation

    i haven't been to a church since 'nam but I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
    my dad made me go to church twice during easter lmao
    technically catholic, but more than anything i like to make jokes about jesus playing poker with dead celebrities
    hindu! i love religion in general
  10. someone just texted you about a party

    a prominent italian senator is trying to contact me!
    i may need some convincing but i'll end up there
    may i smoke at said party?
    a good excuse to dress fun if you ask me
    nooooo don't do that, come to my house instead
    yeah why not, it'll be fun
  11. its badminton time!

    i take this very seriously
    i just came out to have a good time and do a little mintoning
    im gonna show up late but ill school ALL YOUR ASSES
    i got the music instead
    badminton is the worrssssttttt
    i may not be good at it but what a fun gang tradish
  12. A dong is having a hard time, whats the move

    call em up and pep talk the shit out of em
    send them a long text telling em you love em and they are gonna be okay
    send em some funny pics to cheer em up
    come up with ways to solve the problem
    remind them how strong and special they are and break down the situation in your own words to make it seem less scary
    tell em something vague and wise your dad once said
  13. its your last day in cheshire before you are NEVER allowed to return, wyd

    sit on me porch
    go on a long run all around town
    go on the linear trail
    hike at roaring brook
    sit outside at cheshire coffee
    drive around town in my car listening to music
    go take pictures of everything you'll miss

Mao Ze Dongz Personality Quiz

You got: Isabel

Isabel! you love cheetos almost as much as you love ur puggeronis. often Hesitant to party hardy but once you get going nobody can stop ya. Ultimately you are observant, thoughtful, always thinking about others more than yourself.

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You got: Sydney

sydney! a lover and a fighter as some would say. You are a passionate lady and a woman of her conviction who will not stop until america is the socialist paradise you always dreamed of

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You got: Clare

Clare you goofy mother fucker. a swimmer and a burrito eater, everyone loves you almost as much as you love farts, step brothers, spongebob, country music, and kitty kats (except for patches) slow to anger and quick to giggle MEHOY MENOY

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You got: Kaylee

Kaylee, your middle name means brown eyebrow which is ~ironic~ bc ur always pulling them out of your face. clumsy goofy and often 2 hrs late to every event bc phone was dead or you were asleep. a las ur jus a goon tryna make it in this wacky world

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You got: Hanna

Hanna rose velcofsky! witty, creative, and a liking for puppets and things, you are the youngest of all the dongz!!! though it often doesn't feel that way as you possess many of the tendencies of an 84 year old. With a preference to soup, teas, a good pair of sweatpants and another viewing of HIMYM or New Girl over loud noises and CO EDS in a way you may also be the oldest dong

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You got: Marisa

marisa! aka the group mom, aka MNIATP, you are the cheeriest/smiliest of the dongz always up for a fun night to get the gang all dressed for a nice group photo,ever the organizer, you love children, the THEATRE (jamilton) literature, niantic, a good glass of wine.

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You got: Durga

what a silly goose you are!!! always ready to make your friends a good cup of chai and always on the look out for a solid cheese platter, you are the hardiest workingiest dong of all, (which is what got you into YaLAY wink wink) more than you are hard working and passionate you are a goofy goober that loves a good fart as much as the next guy

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You got: Lauren

Lauren votto! the most fun/outgoing/friendly for sure least socially awkward ding dong, as well as the third peck twin. you are always diggity down for an adventure or a chill hang party town as well as a good jam and you need yo cream cheese ON THE SIDE if were headed to shefs

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You got: Emily

Emily peck, resident D1 athlete dong as well as resident singer of the high part in any song, like literally any song, you love stand up, ur puggos, and THE BEAUTY OF NATURE which you always get excited for no matter what, u luv driven around listening to tunes as much you love to win at badminton

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