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    17 Memes That Are Way Too Real If You Have Anxiety

    Because you're not alone.

    1. Anxiety is all the feels.

    2. When someone asks you what's wrong, you don't know how to answer because it could be literally everything.

    3. Some days the self-doubt struggle is real.

    4. Your ability to turn everything into a catastrophe is basically a super power.

    5. Overanalyzing every decision and encounter is the story of your life.

    6. It still turns your stomach into knots thinking about that dumb thing you the first grade.

    7. Nearly all work crises are made up in your head.

    8. And you could make a terrific career out of your anxiety.

    9. People tell you to just stop worrying because they simply don't get what it feels like to be stressed every waking moment.

    10. When a panic attack comes on in public, you start to panic about having a panic attack.

    11. And then you become frustrated that you can't just stop panicking about panicking.

    12. Sometimes you just don't want to be around other humans.

    13. So you enjoy sweet relief when unwanted plans are cancelled and you weren't the one to flake.

    14. You can't sleep because of your anxiety, so then you get anxiety over not sleeping.

    15. And sometimes breathing exercises just don't cut it. There's no shame in getting medical help.

    16. But your anxiety doesn't stop you from being fabulous AF.

    17. Because you may have anxiety, but you don't let that shit ruin your plans to run the world.