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U.S. Time Zones Make NO Sense

How many states in PST? Four.

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Of the 50 U.S. states, TWENTY are in CST (and some are split down the middle, like Tennessee).

CST is the largest time zone in area. Because time zones were created by railroads to create accurate arrival tables and implemented in the U.S. in 1883, it makes little sense that the largest area should remain one time zone. CST also is the largest time zone extending into Canada.

Let's talk about Texas.

This whole "curving the CST around all but a corner of it" is stupid. Plenty of other states are split down the middle (or scooped out one side). For a state that is enormous and takes up the middle of the country, it doesn't seem logical to have lassoed it into one time zone when above it, the Mountain/Central line shows no compunction splitting several other states in half. It's pretty clear that Central and Eastern are much more than half the country.

Or maybe we should divide the other way around, since it gets so dark up North in winter?

Hey at least daylight savings would make some sense? Kids wouldn't be able to see the stars when school lets out, but it would suck to be California.

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