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For Everyone Who Needs A Blanket To Sleep

Sleep is impossible without your magic sleep cape.

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1. It’s nighttime or naptime. That also means: BLANKET TIME!


2. It’s just that you NEED to be under a blanket to get in the sleep mindset.

3. Like even if the blanket is just over a leg or something.

4. Just the feel of your blanket is enough.

5. Seriously people who sleep bare to the world are wizards.

6. Don’t you get cold?

7. Or if it’s hot, don’t you HAVE to sweat beneath a blanket?

8. Like seriously it’s a THOUSAND DEGREES IN HERE.

9. But outside the blanket is certain unknown darkness death.

10. But falling asleep is just IMPOSSIBLE without skin touching sweet blanket.

11. TBH some days it’s just the lightest sheet over the smallest surface area.

12. You’ve used anything as a blanket.

13. You might even love the blanket over your face…

14. For about three seconds before you’re suffocating and now ONE MILLION DEGREES.

15. When your blanket is the real struggle…

16. You know you love someone when they bring you a blanket without asking.

17. Having the perfect weight blanket is the best sleeping pill.

18. Blanket snuggles forever. <3

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