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29 Reasons Why Night Vale Is Unlike Anything Else On The Internet

Because no one does a slice like Big Rico’s…NO ONE.

1. It’s hard to explain what Night Vale is.

2. And trying to convince new people to listen is also difficult because although it appeals to everyone, it also takes a suspension of belief and a sense of dark humor that people don’t always have….yet.

3. Once they do start listening though, people are almost always hooked.

4. And once you have a friend invested in Night Vale, there’s always something to talk about.

5. And like most internet fandoms, getting hooked on Night Vale (much less shameful than Hooked on Phonics) means immersing yourself in the culture that Cecil’s voice has created through comics,

Illustrated Tweets

Motivational Quotes


Text Posts

6. I think the reason it gets to everyone is because in spite of its humor, Night Vale is freaking DEEP.

7. It covers a broad spectrum of emotions, from adorable:

To amusing,

To gut wrenching,

To beautiful,

To crushing,

To mystifying,

To terrifying,

To squee-worthy,

8. And oddly comforting.

9. And it’s convenient, only ranging from 20-30 minutes, so you can listen while you’re driving or doing laundry.

10. But the amazing thing about Night Vale, like most others, is the cast itself.

And of course, these two dorks.

11. They have some truly incredible guest stars.

12. And Molly Quinn.

13. And of course, guest stars you wished would happen.

14. And crossovers you NEED to happen.


16. The writing and voice acting are both spectacular.

17. It’s exciting to be part of a growing fanbase, because new things are always happening! Like this YouTube channel!

View this video on YouTube

18. Or looking at stuff on the store…

19. Or finding out that the cast is touring with a live show both abroad, and across the US!

20. Even though it’s a little daunting to realize the head canon for the characters don’t quite match the voices.

Cecil v. Cecil

21. But you forget it as soon as the opening theme by Disparition plays:

View this video on YouTube

22. The live shows do something to you and make you cheer aloud (yes, really) when something spectacular happens, like you were really there.

23. You’ll participate in this podcast more than any other form of media.

24. And that’s what makes it so special, when you realize you get to be a part of Night Vale, even just through hearing it on the radio.

25. The weather segments always showcase truly awesome music. Some entrepreneurial spirits on Spotify make playlists of them:

26. And every time they ask you to donate, you’ll feel the twinge of guilt.

27. But my God maybe you’ll save up enough one day just for that personal audio thank you from Cecil himself.

28. So if you haven’t joined yet…come see what all the fuss is about.

29. And as always, goodnight, dear listeners, goodnight.