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22 Tips About True Love From The Addams Family

Morticia, cara mia. Gomez, my bubbele.

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Too often in media, husbands and wives are made to look naggy, unhappy, or bored. Divorce is a common threat in sitcoms or dramas. So I ask you, is there a perfect TV relationship to which all mere mortals should aspire?

Yes. Yes, there is. And it's been around since 1964. Here are some tips we can all learn from the Addamses.

Yes. Yes, there is. And it's been around since 1964.

Here are some tips we can all learn from the Addamses.

1. Don't Ever Let The Passion Die

Gomez is not embarrassed to be caught adoring Morticia like the goddess she is. Often, he doesn't even stop in company until Morticia politely unwinds herself.

2. Have Things In Common

It's sweet that Gomez thinks he can beat her.

3. But It's Also Good To Have Separate Interests

Gomez is very health conscious (and very flexible), while Morticia knits a sweater for everyone in their extensive family.

4. Surprise Each Other With Little Gifts

It'll change up the day's routines.

5. Be Affectionate, Even When No One Is Watching

You don't have to stop dating each other just because you're married.

6. Shower Each Other With Compliments

The fact that Tish believes this heart and soul makes it so much better.

7. Remind Each Other How In Love You Are

Saying so will make it grow.

8. Set Aside Quality Date Time

Let the kids play upstairs with their dynamite caps and pets.

9. Be Silly Together

If you can't laugh at yourself, then it'll be a long time before you can laugh at all.

10. Consult Each Other With Even Little Decisions

Before you get a second vulture, best to consider Zelda's sensitive feelings.

11. When You Do Fight, Always Kiss and Make Up

Don't let old scores (uncle) fester.

12. Don't Make The Holidays The 'Special' Days

Every day is special when I'm with you.

13. Spice Things Up Every Now And Again

Role play in the name of lying to your butler's mother.

14. Keep The Chemistry Alive

"Do you still desire me after all these years?"

"Forever. Until I die. And evermore even then."

15. Don't Let Distance Grow Between You

It's easy with work, children, activities and feeding the carnivorous plants, but one big gesture could be all it takes to draw you together again.

16. Be Adventurous Together

You don't need to travel the world when a witch doctor or fakir can come to your door.

17. But Even The Smallest Activity Can Bring You Closer

That Hannibal really is a master, don't you think Tish?

18. Have The Same Sense of Humor

Oh that wiley postman; shouldn't he always ring twice?

19. Build Your Relationship As A Foundation For Your Family

My own headless doll collection is how I met your father.

20. And Always Back Each Other Up

Our son, a boy scout? The horror!

21. In The End, Your Relationship Is What You Put Into It

Let's make it divine by worshipping one another.

22. Mutual Weirdness Is All You Need.

If these two crazy kids can find each other, believe in yourself.

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