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22 Tips About True Love From The Addams Family

Morticia, cara mia. Gomez, my bubbele.

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Too often in media, husbands and wives are made to look naggy, unhappy, or bored. Divorce is a common threat in sitcoms or dramas. So I ask you, is there a perfect TV relationship to which all mere mortals should aspire?

Yes. Yes, there is. And it's been around since 1964.

Here are some tips we can all learn from the Addamses.

1. Don't Ever Let The Passion Die

Gomez is not embarrassed to be caught adoring Morticia like the goddess she is. Often, he doesn't even stop in company until Morticia politely unwinds herself.

15. Don't Let Distance Grow Between You

It's easy with work, children, activities and feeding the carnivorous plants, but one big gesture could be all it takes to draw you together again.

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