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    22 Tips About True Love From The Addams Family

    Morticia, cara mia. Gomez, my bubbele.

    Too often in media, husbands and wives are made to look naggy, unhappy, or bored. Divorce is a common threat in sitcoms or dramas. So I ask you, is there a perfect TV relationship to which all mere mortals should aspire?

    1. Don't Ever Let The Passion Die

    2. Have Things In Common

    3. But It's Also Good To Have Separate Interests

    4. Surprise Each Other With Little Gifts

    5. Be Affectionate, Even When No One Is Watching

    6. Shower Each Other With Compliments

    7. Remind Each Other How In Love You Are

    8. Set Aside Quality Date Time

    9. Be Silly Together

    10. Consult Each Other With Even Little Decisions

    11. When You Do Fight, Always Kiss and Make Up

    12. Don't Make The Holidays The 'Special' Days

    13. Spice Things Up Every Now And Again

    14. Keep The Chemistry Alive

    15. Don't Let Distance Grow Between You

    16. Be Adventurous Together

    17. But Even The Smallest Activity Can Bring You Closer

    18. Have The Same Sense of Humor

    19. Build Your Relationship As A Foundation For Your Family

    20. And Always Back Each Other Up

    21. In The End, Your Relationship Is What You Put Into It

    22. Mutual Weirdness Is All You Need.