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11 Reasons You Should Catch Up To iZombie

Liv Moore, Die Less

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In case you missed it, Rob Thomas (creator of beloved spunky-rage-against-the-machine-femme-practicale detective Veronica Mars starring Kristen Bell) created a new show in 2014. This one runs on the same sass attack, overcoming the daily lassitude, pop comic dazzle as its forerunner. And you should totally watch it. I'll give you a second to check out the season 1 trailer.

Still not convinced? Here are 11 reasons why you should be watching.

1. It's Tongue In Cheek.

The general plot pretends zombies are stupid hoaxes in popular culture while still having zombies in them. Here is Liv, a zombie, dressed as a fake zombie for her family's Halloween, because zombies (which she is) aren't real (except as costumes). It’s a fun round robin of gentle poking fun.

2. This Show Gets You.

This line is literally followed by the mental narration: "Um, more like PT-ennui." Lolz.

The main character is a high-powered driven millennial who suffers from crippling depression after a major life event. Sound familiar anyone? Her family, not knowing about her current infection (sort of standing in for a lot of mental health stereotypes) is pretty frustrated with her apathy.

3. It's Punny.

The main character’s name is Olivia Moore. Also known as LIV MOORE. As in, not living at all. It’s a laugh and a half right there. Or thoughtful social commentary. Who knows?

4. The Cast of Characters Is Delightful!

Starring from shows we know you've dabbled in like Rose McIver from Once Upon A Time (as Tinkerbell) and Aly Michalka from Phil of the Future (as Keely and, who was also in a little early 00s pop band Aly & AJ, now 78Violet).

5. The Guest Stars Are Even More So.

Bradley James of Merlin looks even sexier with black hair (the transformation is quite a la Hiddlesbatch). He even makes a reference to another recent zombie love story Warm Bodies.

6. The Transitions Are Like Gritty Comic Books.

Which really pumps up Liv's superhero vibe.

7. The Dialogue Is Sharp & Enjoyable.

Shows with good writing are good regardless of overall plot.

Example: a small space-cowboy following. (If you like Whedon, you'll love this strong female lead weird bad assery).

8. The Show Is NOT Set In New York.

Hooray, there are other US cities! My God! Who knew?!

9. The Protagonist's Identity Is Fluid.

The idea is that you are what you eat, whether that’s an agoraphobic hacker or a Chinese mafia street fighter. Liv gets to try on a lot of hats and the episodes always feel fresh without being swept into the undercurrent of the overall plot. (Kind of like how the best episodes of a lot of series are the ones that stand alone).

Also, Ravi <3 <3 <3

10. It Nails Post-College Friendships.

Too often Friends or HIMYM is the standard to which all 20 or 30 somethings set themselves, and feel disappointed in their own loneliness. iZombie nails the small gesture friendships, the Wednesday night friendships, and the sibling-still-at-home love. It also hits the high notes on heartstrings when you realize friendship doesn't have to be a blue french horn, just Blink182's all small things.

11. It's On Netflix Right Now.

Literally there should be no excuse for you not to check it out now. It’s also only 13 episodes.

And if you've already seen it, did you know Season 2 was released October 6, 2015? Catch up now on the CW! (Or watch this teaser trailer while you wait for Netflix).

View this video on YouTube

Happy watching!

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