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    10 Questions "10 Things I Hate About You" Left Unanswered

    You SUCK!

    While 10 Things I Hate About You is an iconic work of cultural brilliance, it has some plot holes. Let's begin:

    10. Did Kat have to pay for mauling Joey's car?

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    Like seriously. She rammed so hard into his Porsche that the fiberglass splintered. Sure Mr. Stratford's insurance doesn't cover PMS, but did he tell them she had a seizure? If he did, that's fraud, and if he didn't that's a hefty damage bill for the same week he sends off a seat deposit to an East Coast school.

    Prediction: He paid it, but Kat had to get a job at a deli in college (and she subsequently falls in love with the Prince of Denmark).

    9. Did Kat get suspended for kicking Bobby Ridgeway so hard he had to have a testicle retrieval operation?

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    I'm all for women's empowerment, but kicking someone so hard in the nuts that they have to surgically pull them out from themselves? Ouch. But a friend pointed out we shouldn't feel too bad for Bobby Ridgeway; infamous Washington serial killer Gary Ridgeway (Convicted of 49 murders, confessed to at least 71, presumed to be 90+) may be a relative! The hat tip in names are unlikely to be a coincidence with writing this whip smart.

    Prediction: Kat probably got a week's suspension, but since it was after she sent in her Sarah Lawrence application, she didn't mind.

    8. Did Perky ever get published?

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    Everyone's favorite guidance counselor and her not-so-secret love of writing steamy erotica novels is a curiosity. Did she ever make it with that bratwurst line? Tumescent? Quivering member?

    Prediction: She wormed her way into a pen name behind a long line of erotic - er - romance novels. Unfortunately, it paid almost nothing, so she had to keep guiding students to see their "potential." Luckily the next update of Microsoft Word had the Thesaurus function, so she could finally stop badgering Judith for synonyms for "engorged."

    7. Did the Padua English classes ever read a book written by a black man?

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    Mr. Morgan was one of the best side characters in a stellar movie, studded with hilarious part actors that didn't feel like they were sucking time away from the main characters. His angry bench slaps of impetuous students showed he didn't have time for any of their smart-assery. So did he get his wish? Or did he stick with Shakespeare (who, despite being a dead white guy, knew his shit)?

    Prediction: Knowing none of his students bother reading his books anyway, Mr. Morgan takes the liberty of assigning some well needed POC curriculum. He then teams up with Perky to break into the little known erotic poetry market.

    6. Speaking of English, what was Patrick's sonnet?

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    Or did he even bother doing the assignment (he must have — he was in class that day, right?) Did he come to class to see Kat, or only to turn in the homework?

    Also A+ acting by both actors right here. Did you know that originally Kat was not supposed to cry reading her poem? Julia Stiles improvised because she felt it was more realistic; she claims the tears came naturally. The cast and crew were blown away, and the scene was done in one take, including Kat walking quickly out of the class. That means this reaction was Heath Ledger's legitimate reaction. *swoon*

    Prediction: To be honest, he probably didn't do it, or if he did, it was about something stupid. Patrick can't say shit like that, because people would hear him. But it's nice to dream, isn't it?

    5. So how is Patrick graduating?

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    But actually, how old is Patrick? How is he graduating with his class if he spent a year on his grandpa's couch in Milwaukee eating SpaghettiOs? He also clearly doesn't value school work very highly, so it's confusing that he is a senior in high school.

    Prediction: Kat totally helped him scrape Cs in all his classes at the end of the year. Patrick managed to get into UDub and become a husky, something that endeared him to Kat's father a bit.

    4. Who did Mandella think was taking her to prom?

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    So far as we see, Michael only talks to Mandella one time and sort of fumbles the flirt. He makes fun of her idol ("What's the collar for? So he doesn't lick his stitches?") and then gets even more confused at her retort: "We're involved!" But somehow it comes out okay with them quoting Macbeth to one another. When Mandella opens her locker to find the dress (Also, how'd he get her combination and dress size? Creepy much)., does she know it's Michael? Because at prom she doesn't act like it. Did she just sort of go with it? What would have happened if it hadn't been Michael but instead someone she despised? Or worse, a Carrie-esque prom prank?

    Prediction: There's a long, passionate off-scene romance between the two, much like the behind-the-scenes bloopers between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Krumholtz. "There's more for you! And it's right here!"

    3. How did Bogey not see a single flyer all day warning him of the trashing of his house?

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    How did none of his friends mention it, or hear about it? And how did he explain the house with the shattered French doors (and more) to his parents?

    Fun Facts: Bogey is actually a golfing term for "one over par" sort of like the way Bogey thinks he's on-par for an ivy league education, but Michael gets his revenge proving Bogey is over-the-top in more than one way. Also, when Bogey says, "That must be Nigel with the brie!" and the doors open (with the teenagers miraculously storming in on time, in unison), you can actually see poor Nigel carrying a platter of cheese at the front of everyone.

    Prediction: Bogey must have been either in the principal's office for beaning someone in the head with a golfball, or on the stock exchange floor with the other ivy-forerunners trying to buy their socks from appropriate outlets.

    2. I think the question most viewers think about is: "What happened to their mom?"

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    For a while you think she died, ("It's not like she's coming back to claim them!") and then you find out she left, ("So I did it...just once...right after Mom left.") It's a pretty unusual plot since it's usually the dad that leaves, but Larry Miller plays the overworked, overwrought, overprotective dad, madly in love with his two girls perfectly. For a comedy that's mostly high school drama and Shakespearean amusement, the writing does manage to strike a chord or two in the more thoughtful clefs of the heart, whether it's "Bianca lets me play a few innings, and you've had me on the bench for years," or his apoplectic "AND HELL IS JUST A SAUNA!" Mr. Stratford as a character straddles the familiar Shakespearean line of blustering and ridiculous, and extremely touching.

    Prediction: In the end, it doesn't matter what happened to their mom, because you're left with their dad, who is trying desperately to be enough without realizing the things he has going for him as the loving single dad.

    1. Most important question of all: Where did Bianca get her fashion sense?

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    Honestly whether it's her butterfly shirt, her two piece prom dress, or her Mary Janes and tutu on the tire swing, Bianca Stratford rocks twenty hair clips in a half up, half down hairdo with two perfect crescent strings for "bangs." We hail you '90s queen, you truly outdid yourself.

    Keep on being amongst the quintessential high school films, 10 Things. You will always be iconic.

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