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10 MORE Things I Hate About "10 Things I Hate About You"

"Ugh, am I that transparent? I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby."

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10. In the end, how did the band get on the roof?

Like, I know, I know. It's the credits, it's not "IN" the movie, but I'm genuinely curious. Was it that they had to be flown up in a helicopter with all the equipment? Or did they have to lug all the equipment up a really really long flight of stairs?

Prediction: Patrick called in a favor.

9. Speaking of favors, how DID Patrick "call in the favor" for Letters to Cleo to play at prom?

Here are the facts:

1) Patrick can't be seen at Club Skunk.

2) He generally thinks Indie girl rock bands are "chicks who can't play their instruments" (but let's hope he was kidding?)

3) He would legitimately have to pay this band (including the backup dance trio with their sick sprinkler moves), and I don't think Joey giving him $50 a date would cover the band AND the guitar he gives Kat at the end.

4) How would he know this is Kat's favorite?

5) But who did he call?

And don't you dare say ghostbusters.

8. But why CAN'T Patrick be seen at Club Skunk?

1) Is it because it's an all girl's club? I've definitely seen this movie enough to pick out several guys who are there, but it is predominantly female.

2) Is it because Patrick has to wear these reflective pleather pants? Like, why does Patrick own these (and why do we not get to see more than them...and how do they fit...and just...we're all just so curious).

3) Is he banned for life for some off-screen pre-story infraction?


Prediction: That's where he ate a live duck (everything but the bill and feet) and then cut out his own liver to sell it for a new set of speakers. After that gruesome night, Club Skunk wasn't too keen on Patrick returning.

7. Speaking of high school rumors, how did Michael get that dick off his face?

Sharpie isn't so easy to get off. No matter how much rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, white vinegar, or human saliva Michael could have employed, he would not have been able to erase that before class.

Prediction: He made Cameron try to make it into something else and told his math teacher it was a poorly drawn giraffe.

6. How was Patrick so good with Cameron if Patrick was supposed to be a real "lone wolf"?

TBH it's one of Patrick's most attractive qualities. Watching Heath Ledger reveal he's always rooting for the underdog, and taking time to mentor underclassmen adds an element to Patrick Verona that goes beyond saying he's a "nice guy" to showing he's a genuinely compassionate one. It's hard to imagine Patrick with siblings, but his personal life is also a veritable mystery beyond his grandpa being sick (and potentially dying).

Prediction: Patrick has a little brother or cousin that Cameron reminds him of, so Patrick likes to drop some encouragement here and there.

5. When Cameron asks Bianca "Have you always been this selfish?" why would she say "yes?"

Really, what does that accomplish? It makes her so much less of a likeable character (partially redeemed by her punching Joey in the end), and I guess the writers were trying to go for humble honesty? Maybe a "growing" moment? But she comes off as a super-diva and she definitely covers that blunder by kissing her way out of it.

Prediction: Senior year, they break up, and Cameron never really gets over it.

3. So why did Mr. Stratford have that belly? And more importantly, why did he have it so readily accessible in a hall closet?

Also, Patrick takes this surprisingly well. I guess that's a point in Kat's favor when he's eventually introduced to the craziness that is her family.

Prediction: Mr. Stratford had the belly specially made the day after Kat hit puberty. He insists on both his daughters wearing it at least twice a year.

2. If they lived in Seattle, why did it never rain?

Even in the several brooding scenes where rain would have added dramatic effect (the tire swing or the front porch), it was always balmy and sunny.

Answer: because this scene would have been a death trap in the rain, and it was so, so integral to stealing our hearts.

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