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    May 14, 2020

    17 Bizarre Woodstock Facts You'll Find Interesting, Even If You're Not A Baby Boomer

    Did ya know Woodstock Ventures hired a hippie commune to be their security?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most interesting Woodstock festival fact they know. Here are the wild results:

    1. The New York State Thruway was jammed for 50 miles, so festival-goers eventually left their cars on the highway and hitchhiked to the festival.



    2. Because other musicians were late, Richie Havens ended up performing first at Woodstock. Every time he tried ending his set, they pushed him back onstage, which is why his setlist was over two hours long.

    Hexagon Motion Pictures / Warner Bros.

    3. During his unplanned setlist, Havens completely improvised the now legendary song "Freedom" because he ran out of music to perform.

    Warner Bros.

    4. The cute hippie couple from the iconic album cover is still together 50 years later.

    Cotillion Records / TIME

    5. Carlos Santana was so high on LSD during his performance, he thought his guitar neck was a snake.

    Warner Bros. / Metro Focus

    6. Over 400,000 hippies attended the festival at Max Yasgur's farm in August 1969.

    7. When Woodstock ran out of food to serve, Bethel residents donated sandwiches, eggs, olives, and anything else they had in their fridges and pantries. Because of the chaotic traffic jam, the food was flown in by helicopters.

    8. There were allegedly a few babies born during the festival.



    9. Woodstock Ventures hired a hippie commune, named the Hog Farm, to be their peaceful security instead of actual police officers. They called themselves a "Please Force" instead of a "Police Force."


    10. There were only 600 toilets available on the grounds for the 400,000+ attendees.

    Warner Bros.

    11. Tickets were originally sold for $18 in advance and $24 at the site. But as the crowd started getting bigger and bigger, concert-goers broke down the fences and the festival eventually became a free event.

    Warner Bros.

    12. On Sunday when it started to rain, the guitarist from Country Joe & the Fish led a "No rain!" chant, and everyone joined in because they believed it'd make the rain go away.


    13. Joni Mitchell was originally supposed to perform, but at the last minute her manager told her not to go because she was scheduled to appear on The Dick Cavett Show the next day. She wrote the hippie anthem, "Woodstock," just by watching the news.

    ABC / BBC


    14. The festival wasn't actually held in the town of Woodstock — it was held in Bethel, New York.


    15. There's over 36 hours of music recorded from the festival, and most of it wasn't released until the 50th anniversary in 2019.

    Warner Bros. / CBS

    16. Neil Young performed at Woodstock as part of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, but refused to be filmed for the movie.

    Warner Bros.

    17. And most folks left the festival early because of the rain, so only half of the attendees actually witnessed Jimi Hendrix's iconic "Star Spangled Banner" performance on Monday morning.

    Warner Bros.

    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users

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