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    34 Leslie, April, Donna, And Ann Moments From "Parks And Rec" That Are Literally Hysterical

    "Ovaries before brovaries."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite moment from the ladies of Parks & Rec. Here are the legendary results.

    1. When Leslie and April worked as trash collectors.

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    2. When Donna taught us the true meaning of "Treat Yo Self."

    3. When April declared animals were better than humans.

    4. When Ann got way too real about the importance of exercising.

    5. When Leslie persisted on working through the flu.

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    6. And when April scheduled 93 meetings for Ron in one day.

    Jen Lewis/BuzzFeed


    7. When Donna defended the true love of her life: her Mercedes.

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    8. When Ann couldn't help but crack a corny joke.

    9. When April said exactly what we're thinking.

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    10. When the girls drank snake juice and got absolutely wasted.



    11. When Leslie showered Ann with thoughtful gifts for Galentine's Day.


    12. And when she complimented her like the good wife she was.

    13. When April gave advice the only way she knew how.

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    14. When Donna said this iconic line with such elegance and grace.

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    15. When Ann supported Leslie before a first date.

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    16. When April didn't want to engage in small talk at the prom.

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    17. When Leslie owned up to her badass self.

    18. When Donna proved not all heroes wear capes.

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    19. When April told Ben the strict house rules before he moved in with her and Andy.

    20. And when Ann was stressed out about Leslie's bachelorette party.

    NBC / Via


    21. When Leslie inducted the Pawnee Rangers into the Pawnee Goddesses troop.

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    22. When Donna was the most iconic dater in dating history.

    NBC / Via


    23. When Ann, April, and Donna randomly broke out and sang "Time After Time" at the office.

    24. When Leslie knew a thing or two about relationships.

    NBC / Via


    25. When Leslie signed a lease on her house and Ann played celebratory music for them to dance to.


    26. When Donna called Ann out on her awkward flirting skills.

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    27. And when April explained the science behind drinking.

    28. When Leslie shut down a sexist person.

    NBC / Via


    29. When Leslie and Ann got drunk together for the first time.

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    30. When Ann couldn't help but royally burn Tom.

    31. When Donna got her sweet revenge in the most brilliant way.

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    32. When Leslie made up crazy excuses for why she shot Ron on their hunting trip.

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    33. When Leslie's word cloud showed just how much Ann meant to her.

    34. And when Leslie made a solid vow to put her female friendships above everything else.

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