Why The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Makes The Perfect BFF

Why you wish you could be chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool with the finest TV character.

1. 1. He knows cool secret handshakes.

2. 2. He defends you if people are on your case.

3. 3. Dude can teach you all the hot dance moves for clubbing on the town.

7. 4. He pigs out on junk food, and can show you the way around an authentic philly cheesesteak.

8. 5. He’s fun at sleepovers.

9. 6. The Fresh Prince has swag, and who wouldn’t want a friend with his kind of swag?

11. 7. He’s never afraid to be honest.

12. 8. He lives in a kickass mansion where you can have many adventures.

13. But make sure Uncle Phil doesn’t catch you, or you’ll be like:

14. 9. Will won’t let anyone embarrass you, not even your own brother.

15. 10. He’s a great study partner, and will keep motivating you if you lose concentration.

16. 11. He plays video games from a Nintendo console, not an Xbox or PS3.

So he probably has the good games, like Super Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong.

17. 12. He knows some pretty cool people, and will probably introduce you to them.

19. 13. Fresh Prince makes watching TV more fun than it already is.

He’s no ordinary couch potato.

20. 14. He’s loyal, and will always help you if you need it.

21. 15. And most importantly, he never fails to make you laugh.

24. Essentially, the Fresh Prince is the perfect BFF…

25. …and if you don’t agree, it’s your loss.

26. Really, it’s your loss.

27. The end.

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