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Which Rom-Com Has The Best Final Scene Of All Time?

When Harry Met Sally has the best ending ever, don't @ me!

Let's face it: romantic comedies are the best kind of movies in the whole WORLD.


They make us laugh, cry, and jump for joy in the best way possible.

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But you know what makes rom-coms extra special? The spectacular endings we wish would happen to us in real life.


Remember when Jenna and Matt ended up getting married and living in a cute, pink house in 13 Going on 30?

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How about in Brown Sugar when Dre called into the radio station and asked Syd out in the cutest way possible?

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Or perhaps you screamed with joy when Harry sprinted to Sally on New Year's Eve to confess his love to her in When Harry Met Sally.

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They're the absolute best, so tell us which rom-com ending absolutely NAILED IT in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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