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Posted on Oct 7, 2015

What's Your Favorite Moment From "Hocus Pocus"?

"Twist the bones and bend the back."

Hocus Pocus is literally the greatest Halloween movie ever created.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Sorry, Halloweentown.

Every single character is supremely legendary and never fails to make us laugh with their ridiculous humor.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Maybe your favorite part is when Winifred royally shuts down Billy Butcherson's insult.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Or perhaps you always laugh when the angel child scares Sarah with her niceness.

Or maybe you can't get enough of The Sanderson Sisters when they sing the classic "I Put a Spell on You."

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

It's the best movie in the world, so tell us via the DropBox below your favorite moment from Hocus Pocus!

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

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