What’s The Worst Job In The World You’d Never Want To Attempt?

Nope, not gonna happen.

1. Imagine you’re Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs

Discovery Channel / Via generaltruth.com

2. And you were stuck doing a disgusting job that’s completely out of your comfort zone.

Discovery Channel / Via tvguide.com

3. Maybe the most gruesome job in your mind is picking up people’s garbage.

Getting dirty in trash? No, thanks.

4. Or maybe you’re scared to get down and dirty with snakes, unlike the person who gets paid to make them throw up.

Discovery Channel

Hell to the NO.

5. Perhaps your most revolting job would be cleaning up the aftermath of crime scenes.

Overture Films

6. Or better yet, you could be Charlie Sheen’s assistant and clean up after him.

ABC / Via dose.ca

Who wants to clean up tiger blood? Honestly.

7. Whatever the dirty, disgusting job is, you’d probably do your best to avoid it.

8. So share with us the worst job in the world you’d never want to attempt!

Awards and badges will be given to the most creative submissions.

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