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What's The Most Problematic Moment From "Glee"?

Everything Sue Sylvester said was problematic tbh.

2019 marks the 10-year anniversary since the iconic show Glee first aired on TV.

It gave us amazing cover songs and cool guest stars, but it also gave us some problematic moments that we as fans *must* address.

Maybe you couldn't believe when April Rhodes gave Kurt, a TEENAGER, wine to drink during the middle of the school day.

Or perhaps you never understood how Sue got away with the awful things she said to people.

Or maybe you went BANANAS when Blaine started dating Karofsky, Kurt's abusive high school bully.

This show is chock full of 'em, so tell us in the comments below the most problematic moment from Glee and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!