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What's The Most Confusing Picture On The Internet?

White and gold, or blue and black?! HELP.

The internet is a wonderful place where you discover beautifully weird things.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

The images and GIFs you find are absolutely mind-blowing, and they leave you wanting more madness and insanity.

Universal Pictures / Via

But there's nothing better than finding an image that's confusing and makes you question your entire existence.

Maybe you're familiar with this dress, where you can't tell if the colors are white and gold or blue and black.


It's blue and black though.

Or maybe you've seen this Australian anchor with an extremely interesting neckline.


Can you guess what the neckline looks like? Hint: it begins with a P, and ends with an ENIS.

Or perhaps you've seen this woman awkwardly posing and giving us an extremely suggestive idea.


Nope. That's just her arm.

So, show us the most confusing picture you've ever seen on the internet in the comments below!

NBC / Via

Awards and badges will be given to the most mind-blowing submissions.

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