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Tell Us The Most Hilarious "Glee" Tweet You've Seen On The Internet

"Wait Ohio is real??? I thought they made it up for Glee."

Glee is a masterpiece of a TV show that folks on the internet will never stop talking about, especially on Twitter.

if glee was on right now there would Totally be an ariana grande episode where thank u next got way overused as a catchphrase and quinn wore the dangerous woman costume to school

We can't help but laugh when someone makes fun of Mr. Schue's silly dance moves.

Glee: *plays any type of rap or hip hop song* Will Schuester:

Or cackle when someone takes a shot at Ryan Murphy.

Ryan Murphy upon hearing every new pop song from 2009-2015

Or ROFL when someone perfectly captures what it's like to be a Gleek.

this probably isnt relatable but has anyone ever only heard the glee version of a song then when u hear the original it isnt as hype

We'll always love Glee, for better or worse, so share the absolute FUNNIEST tweet you've ever seen about this show in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!


Feel free to upload a screenshot, link to the tweet directly, or just tell us what that funny tweet is!