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What's The Funniest Reason You've Cried While Drunk?

Because sometimes you can't hold back the beer tears.

There's no denying that drinking is a pretty fun activity.

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Alcohol can release your funny side, your silly side, and your sexy side.

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But sometimes it can trigger your emotional side, and you can't hold back the wine and beer tears.

Maybe you started crying in the middle of the bar because it played a Missy Elliott song, and you thought it was just so beautiful.

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Or perhaps you had some beer tears at your friend's house because he showed you a video of two puppies dancing.

Or maybe the bouncer at the bar let you cut the entire line, and it made you weep like a baby.

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We've all been there, so tell us the funniest reason you've cried while drunk in the comments below!

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The most ridiculous submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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