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What Assumption Has Someone Made About You Because You're A Feminist?

Fun fact: men can be feminists too!

Let's be real: identifying as a feminist is pretty dang amazing.

It's been wildly inspiring to see how far women have come with equality, and to see a new generation of feminists blossom.

But sometimes people are deathly afraid of the "f" word, and will make assumptions about you if you embrace the title.

Maybe your friends thought because you're a feminist, you hate every man who walks the earth.

Or perhaps your sister believes that you live and breathe every single word Gloria Steinem says.

Or maybe your cousin thinks just because you're a man, there's no possible way you could identify as a feminist.

It can get pretty difficult, so tell us via the DropBox below an assumption someone has made about you because you're a feminist.

The greatest submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.