What Is The Craziest Lie You’ve Ever Told?

We’re not proud, but we’ve all done it.

1. We’ve all been in situations when telling a lie is just completely necessary.

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2. There is the classic white lie, where you want to make someone feel better by hiding the painful truth.

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3. But then there is the “save your ass” lie, where you cover up a situation with an extravagant story.

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4. “The dog ate my homework” turns to “I couldn’t do my homework because I had a migraine…”

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5. “…And had my wisdom teeth pulled…”

6. “…And then I had to go to my mom’s friend’s birthday dinner for three hours.”

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7. We’ve all done it, so share with us the craziest lie you’ve ever told — no matter how bizarre it might seem.

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Badges and prizes awarded to the best ones.

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