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17 Sexual Things Women Do In Movies That Make Zero Sense To Everyone

Not all women have sex for the first time on prom night!

1. Women orgasm the second their partner starts touching them.

Christian pleasuring Ana in the elevator in "50 Shades of Gray"
Universal Pictures

2. They believe the sexiest way to seduce their partner is by putting whipped cream all over their naked bodies.

Darcy seducing Mox while wearing a whipped cream bikini in "Varsity Blues"
Paramount Pictures

3. They have absolutely no problem coming, especially when they're having penetrative sex.

Stella and Winston having sex in the shower in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"
20th Century Fox

4. The only way a woman will have sex is if it's in the dark, or if they're surrounded by a billion candles in a fancy boudoir.

Rebecca and Frank having sex by candlelight in "Body of Evidence"

5. They always resort to purchasing expensive lingerie to keep their partner interested and satisfied.

Crystal trying on lingerie in a store in "The Women" (2008)
Warner Bros. Pictures

6. Women are portrayed as "broken" characters who will feel "whole" and "repaired" once they have sex with men.

Leticia and Hank having sex for the first time
Lionsgate Films

7. Their first time happens during their senior year of high school, either on prom night or after the homecoming dance.

Monica and Quincy have sex for the first time in "Love & Basketball"
New Line Cinema

8. And if women choose to not have sex in high school, they're super religious and slut-shame other women for doing it.

Rhiannon telling Olive she'll be praying for her while other religious students harass Olive with slut-shaming signs in "Easy A"
Screen Gems

9. Women have a hard time doing dirty talk, and if they finally get there, it sounds supremely awkward.

Ricki seducing Larry in "Gigli" by awkwardly saying: "It's turkey time -- gobble gobble!"
Sony Pictures Releasing

10. Women never go to the bathroom after having sex.

Erin and Leah kissing in bed in "Someone Great"

11. If a woman bullies another woman, that means she's actually sexually attracted to her.

Cristal insulting Nomi's nails in "Showgirls;" Nomi and Cristal kissing in the hospital

12. Women over the age of 50 have zero desire to be intimate with their spouses.

Kay from "Hope Springs" in a bookstore looking for a book about sex tips; Kay in the bathroom with a banana
Sony Pictures Releasing

13. They always have a difficult time exploring their bodies, fantasizing, and knowing how to masturbate.

Brandy trying to masturbate in "The To Do List"
CBS Films

14. There's always *one* woman who refuses to talk about sex in public because it sounds "un-ladylike."

Dina telling Lisa she needs to use her "lady mouth" in "Girls Trip"
Universal Pictures

15. Women never fail to cry after having sex.

Sony Pictures Releasing

16. Their hair is also a hot freaking mess when finishing.

Grace opening the door to the bathroom with her hair disheveled in "Bruce Almighty"
Universal Pictures

17. And if a woman is deeply unhappy in her marriage, she immediately has sex with her neighbor and starts a steamy affair.

Noah seducing Claire for the first time in "The Boy Next Door"
Universal Pictures