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    15 Unpopular "WandaVision" Opinions That'll Probably Make Marvel Fans Furious As Hell

    "Wanda and Vision are B characters at best."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their unpopular WandaVision opinions. Here are the controversial results.


    1. "I think it was great that fake Pietro was just a random dude from Westview, and not Pietro from the X-Men movies."

    Fake Pietro surprising Wanda, saying: "Long lost bro get to squeeze his stinkin' sister to death or what?"
    Disney+ / Marvel

    "The whole idea of bringing Evan Peters on was a hilarious idea, it kept people speculating, and it was fun."


    2. "Episode 9 ('The Series Finale') was super anticlimactic. It’s like the show was suddenly canceled and they had to wrap everything up really fast."

    Wanda telling Agatha she's trapping her in Westview, playing the role of the nosy neighbor
    Disney+ / Marvel


    "The finale was awful. There was not enough time to resolve everything that had been set up, and it felt crammed with everything they needed to wrap up — from Darcy to Hayward to White Vision to Pietro — and nothing felt satisfying. I also hated how they didn't address that Wanda seriously hurt and traumatized the Westview citizens." —froghat

    3. "Wanda and Vision are B characters at best. Since WandaVision, I’m much less interested in what they have to offer outside the bigger storylines in the MCU."

    Wanda and Vision on Halloween, making corny jokes about Mexican wrestlers
    Disney+ / Marvel

    4. "I loved Kathryn Hahn so much more as Agnes than as Agatha Harkness."

    Agnes telling Wanda: "Don't mind me, I'm just looking for your dark liquor;" and Agatha telling Wanda: "This is chaos magic, Wanda"
    Disney+ / Marvel

    "I felt like when she was playing Agatha, it seemed like she was trying too hard? I'm not blaming Kathryn Hahn because it could've easily been the writers and directors, but I don't know, something just seemed off after we found out she was Agatha all along."


    5. "I thought the Ralph Bohner reveal was pretty hilarious."

    Monica realizing fake Pietro is Ralph Bohner
    Disney+ / Marvel

    6. "Wanda's relationship with Billy and Tommy felt really forced, making the last episode less heartbreaking than intended."

    Wanda saying goodbye to Billy and Tommy in the house, saying: "Thanks for choosing me to be your mom"
    Disney+ / Marvel

    "The emotional ending didn't land. I feel like Wanda's relationship with her kids wasn't explored enough because they went from impersonal sitcom gags into her children. She kind of just said goodbye to Billy and Tommy and left them alone to be unmade."


    7. "The black-and-white episodes were really entertaining and funny — more so than the rest of the episodes in the series."

    Wanda and Vision in the first episode making their wedding rings, sitting on the couch
    Disney+ / Marvel

    8. "Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis added nothing to the story. If you removed them from the series, nothing would change."

    Darcy and Jimmy watching Wanda's sitcom on an old TV outside of the hex
    Disney+ / Marvel

    9. "The sitcom references weren't used as effectively as they could've been."

    Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy having a picnic on the grass, referencing "Full House;" characters from "Full House" having a picnic in their opening theme song
    Disney+ / Marvel / ABC

    "There wasn't anything genius or groundbreaking about the sitcom references. All of that fake crap in the early sitcoms wasn't genuine to the shows they were emulating, it was a huge waste of talent for the actors involved, and honestly just nerve-grating. Ugh, they could have done so much more."


    10. "Wanda Maximoff has never felt like a hero to me. I don't like her character at all."

    Wanda telling vision that this is their home, and she has everything under control
    Disney+ / Marvel

    "When Monica said to Wanda 'These people will never realize what you gave up,' I rolled my eyes. She trapped an entire town in her sitcom world and had them encompass her worst fears. Wanda has been through a lot of crap that justifies why she’s grieving, but her actions were awful. I’m curious where the story will go, but not because I care about Wanda."


    11. "WandaVision as a whole was just okay — it didn't get interesting until we got a glimpse of what was going on outside The Hex."

    Monica pushing her hand through the hex, realizing Wanda has put up a shield to keep SWORD out of Westview
    Disney+ / Marvel

    12. "The mystery behind Wanda creating the sitcoms to deal with her grief wasn't a surprise at all — everyone saw it coming."

    Young Wanda looking at her father's suitcase full of sitcom DVDs like "I Love Lucy," "The Addams Family," and "Bewitched;" Images of Wanda referencing sitcoms like "I Love Lucy," "Bewitched," and "Malcolm in the Middle"
    Disney+ / Marvel

    "I couldn’t even stand watching the last episode because it felt like just another garbage Marvel movie. I felt like the show was an opportunity for Marvel to break the mold, but about halfway through the series, they just reverted back to doing what they know."


    13. "Elizabeth Olsen did an amazing job playing Wanda, but they should've recast her for WandaVision — especially since her character is Romani."

    Wanda asking fake Pietro what happened to his Romani accent, and him responding: "What happened to yours?"
    Disney+ / Marvel

    "Wanda and Pietro are Romani in the comics, and the MCU should have stayed true to their characters instead of white-washing them."


    14. "The series needed an Episode 10 — Episode 9 felt jumbled and rushed. It could have been better paced and plotted."

    Monica telling Wanda in Episode 9 if she had her powers, she would've brought her mother back
    Disney+ / Marvel

    15. And "Vision's death wasn't sad in the slightest. It was sad for Wanda, but I had no connection to his character at all."

    Vision dying, saying goodbye to Wanda in the series finale: "So long, darling"
    Disney+ / Marvel

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

    Do *you* have an unpopular WandaVision opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

    Agatha sitting in a director's chair while filming the "Modern Family"-esque episode for "WandaVision"
    Disney+ / Marvel

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