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18 People Are Sharing Their Unpopular "Friends" Opinions And The Results Are Verrrrry Interesting

"Richard was really Monica's soulmate, not Chandler."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their unpopular Friends opinions. Here are the interesting results.

1. Rachel and Joey were actually a pretty lovely couple.

2. Ross was 100% right — he and Rachel were indeed on a break.

3. Chandler and Janice were meant for each other.

4. And Janice wasn't annoying — she was a wonderful person the gang treated like garbage!

5. People were too hard on Ross when in reality, he had a huge heart.

6. Phoebe always said the wrong thing at the wrong time, making her the worst friend out of the group.

7. Monica and Chandler should've been the main couple on the show, not Ross and Rachel.

8. Rachel Green truly had the biggest glow-up on the show.

9. Emily's feelings were 100% valid when she asked Ross to never see Rachel again.

10. Everyone set her out to be the crazy one, when really, she was the victim in this situation.

11. Richard was really Monica's soulmate, not Chandler.

12. Ross wasn't a good father to Ben, even though he spent the entire first season feeling threatened by Carol and Susan.

13. Rachel and Chandler's friendship might've been the most meaningful one on Friends.

14. Ross and Rachel didn't have any real chemistry.

15. Joey and Chandler should've ended up together.

16. Mike was honestly pretty annoying — there was nothing special about him.

17. Same went for Monica and her frustrating habits.

18. And Rachel should've NEVER ditched her new job in Paris for Ross.