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    25 "Trashy" Songs That Are Honestly Straight-Up Masterpieces

    "Fergalicious" by Fergie is a certified bop.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which "trashy" songs they actually think are really freaking good. Here are the iconic results.

    1. "Timber" by Pitbull and Kesha

    2. "Paper Planes" by M.I.A.

    3. "Pretty Girls" by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

    4. "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas

    5. "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift

    6. "Get Low" by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

    7. "S&M" by Rihanna

    8. "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback

    9. "Friday" by Rebecca Black

    10. "Stars Are Blind" by Paris Hilton

    11. "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction

    12. "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings

    13. "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds

    14. "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley

    15. "Hotline Bling" by Drake

    16. "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada

    17. "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith

    18. "Thong Song" by Sisqó

    19. "Rumors" by Lindsay Lohan

    20. "Forget You" by Gwyneth Paltrow and the Glee cast

    21. "Cotton-Eye Joe" by Rednex

    22. "Juliet" by LMNT

    23. "Supalonely" by BENEE and Gus Dapperton

    24. "Scotty Doesn't Know" by Lustra

    25. And "Fergalicious" by Fergie

    Listen to all of your fave "trashy" bangers here: