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Rihanna Is Seriously The Most Unapologetic Famous Person, And Here Are 17 Moments To Prove It

"Good luck with bookin' that stage u speak of." —Rihanna to Ciara

1. When she wasn't afraid to steal wine glasses from restaurants on multiple occasions.

2. When she threw a wad of cash at a producer at the BET Awards because he wouldn't let her make it rain on stage.

3. When she responded to Ciara's tweet in the most savage way possible.

4. When she demanded excellence from the The Ellen Degeneres Show staff.

5. When she shared her true feelings about being a potential judge on American Idol.

6. When she clapped back at a fan on Instagram for pointing out the pimple on her face.

7. When Rihanna sent a cease and desist letter to the White House because she didn't support Trump blasting her music at his "tragic rallies."

Not for much longer...me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies, so thanks for the heads up philip! https://t.co/dRgRi06GrJ

8. When she gave Seth Meyers love advice the only way she knew how.

9. When she called out her fans for not paying attention during her brilliant performance.

10. When she royally shut down this reporter's sexist question.

11. When she tried distracting Kevin Durant during the NBA Finals because she wanted LeBron James to win the game instead.

Listen: Rihanna yells "BRIIIIIICK!!!" at Durant during free throw, he stares her down twice 😂 (h/t @tshent)

12. When Riri brought her own flask to the Grammys and lived her best life.

13. When she DRAGGED Helena Bonham Carter to hell and back on The Graham Norton Show.

14. When she revealed she's always been competitive when it comes to fashion.

15. When she wasn't about these random dudes invading her personal space at the Rolling Loud festival.

“i need some space back the fuck back”

16. When Rihanna went to the Met Gala in 2018 as the freaking POPE and unanimously won the "Fashion and Catholic Imagination" theme.

17. And when she was tired of TMZ reporters following her, so she rolled the window on them.