15 Times Jane Fonda Was, Without A Doubt, The Most Unapologetic Famous Person

    "When you reside within your own skin, you can feel it. You're holding all of you."

    1. When Jane Fonda was absolutely fed up with Megyn Kelly after she asked her ridiculous interview questions about plastic surgery instead of the movie she was promoting.

    2. When she moved to Washington, D.C. in 2019 to protest climate change and was arrested for it almost every Friday.

    Jane Fonda is arrested during the "Fire Drill Friday" Climate Change Protest

    3. And when she couldn't accept her BAFTA Award in person, so she did it while she was being arrested.

    Folks, @Janefonda accepted the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award WHILE BEING ARRESTED. #Britannias

    Twitter: @BAFTALA / Via Twitter: @BAFTALA

    4. When she accepted her Oscar for Coming Home in sign language to acknowledge and honor people with disabilities.

    5. When Jane Fonda was asked if queer people were being wrongly discriminated against in the 1970s, and she responded with the most mindful answer.

    6. When she sold a bunch of merchandise with her legendary 1970 mugshot on it and donated 100% of the proceeds to the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential.

    Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda at a red carpet event, with Lily holding a clutch with Jane Fonda's mugshot on it; Jane Fonda raising her fist in her 1970 mugshot

    7. And when she told Jimmy Fallon the story behind her legendary mugshot, which involved slipping out of her handcuffs so she could raise her fist.

    8. When she was completely candid about how she viewed her self-worth within her romantic relationships in her HBO documentary, Jane Fonda in Five Acts.

    9. When Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were promoting Season 5 of Grace and Frankie, and she didn't hold anything back about the season's theme of getting older.

    Jane Fonda describing Season 5 of "Grace and Frankie," which was about getting older and not giving a fuck

    10. When she naturally flipped off the paparazzi at a nail salon once she realized she was being photographed.

    11. When she was interviewed back in June during the peak of the Black Lives Matter protests and acknowledged her privilege, and encouraged other white people to do the same.

    Jane Fonda being interviewed in her home via Facetime for CNN, discussing how policies need to change in order to dismantle racism

    12. When she appeared on The Dick Cavett Show with her family in the '70s and wasn't afraid to question the integrity of talk shows and celebrity culture.

    13. When she released the groundbreaking Jane Fonda Workout tape in 1982 (which became the best-selling home video of all time) and helped revolutionize women's physical and mental health.

    Jane Fonda discussing the impact her video had on women and the video industry; women would come up to her and tell her how they felt stronger because of the video tapes

    14. When she totally embraced turning 80 years old and wasn't afraid to talk about aging as a woman in Hollywood on The Graham Norton Show.

    15. And when she joined Dolly Parton on tour after filming 9 to 5 in the '80s, and they got drunk on moonshine for 10 days without realizing it.