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21 Times "Glee" Was Actually Really Problematic

Remember when April Rhodes gave an underage Kurt wine? In the middle of the SCHOOL DAY?

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moments from Glee definitely don't hold up to today's standards. Here are the problematic results.

Note: Some of these submissions include topics of sexual assault.

1. When Sue constantly let her racist and prejudice side shine.

2. When Finn thought it was OK to publicly out Santana in the middle of the hallway.

3. When Rachel sent Sunshine to a crack house because she didn't want her to steal the spotlight.

4. When Ryder confided in the glee club about being molested as a kid, and the boys reacted in the most awful way.

5. When Tina rubbed Vaporub on an unconscious Blaine because she had a crush on him.

6. When April Rhodes gave an underage Kurt wine during the middle of the school day.

7. And when she got physical with an underage Puck.

8. When Mr. Schue's ex-wife, Terri, faked her pregnancy and tried to convince Quinn to give up her own baby to cover up the lie.

9. When Sue date raped Principal Figgins and threatened to post a picture of them if he didn't give her her job back.

10. When Blaine dated Karovsky, Kurt's abusive high school bully.

11. When Mr. Schue spied on Finn singing in the shower in the boys' locker room.

12. And when he planted drugs in Finn's locker so he could blackmail him into joining the glee club.

13. When Sam, a student, made out with and dated the school nurse.

14. When Finn called Sue's baby, who had down syndrome, a horrible name.

15. When Quinn got pregnant because Puck kept forcing her to drink wine coolers.

16. When Kitty altered Marley's clothes to convince her she was gaining weight, and essentially played a huge part in Marley's eating disorder.

17. And when everyone made Marley feel guilty for fainting at Sectionals because of her eating disorder, and she felt obligated to apologize for it.

18. Whenever Sue bullied one of the glee kids with her harsh words.

19. When Mr. Schue suspended Marley for not wearing a provocative outfit for an assignment.

20. When Finn kissed Ms. Pillsbury right before she was supposed to marry Mr. Schue.

21. And when Mr. Schue encouraged the kids to twerk and sing "Blurred Lines," a song with an extremely problematic message.