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These Artists Re-Created Famous Album Covers To Promote Social Distancing, And They're Funny As Hell

You'll never look at N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton cover the same way again.

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, the internet has given us all kinds of funny tweets and memes to get us through this difficult time of social distancing, quarantining, and self-isolating.

Sorry I only date guys who are at least 6’ (away)

L.A. artists Paco Conde and Roberto Fernandez have also blessed us with a hilarious project, 6 Feet Covers, where they've edited iconic album covers to promote social distancing.

In these reimagined album covers, popular singers and bandmates stand at least six feet away from each other to promote health and safety.

Paco told BuzzFeed the idea came about last week when he noticed people in line at the supermarket not respecting the six-foot social distancing rule.

But the milk gonna go bad... Why??

"We thought it'd be helpful and easy for everyone to understand if we used something from pop culture, and finally decided album covers would be a simple visual solution."

Here's what the original Abbey Road cover art by The Beatles looks like:

And here's what the social distancing version of Abbey Road looks like:

Here's what the original The Score cover art by the Fugees looks like:

And here's what the social distancing version of The Score looks like:

Here's what the original Straight Outta Compton cover art by N.W.A looks like:

And here's what the social distancing version of Straight Outta Compton looks like:

"It's an ongoing project, so we want to keep redesigning more covers," said Conde. "We want to team up with a charity to raise not just awareness, but also some funds to help people."

You can check out more of Paco and Roberto's album art here, and remember, folks — social distancing is your best friend right now! 💖