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The 17 Most Unrealistic Things Women Have Done In Rom-Com Movies

Sorry to break it to ya, but not all women want to have kids!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most unrealistic thing women do in movies, and it turned out a lot of those things were from rom-coms. Here are the frustrating results:

1. Save the day wearing tight dresses and high heels.

2. Become drop-dead gorgeous once they take off their "hideous" glasses.

3. Rarely talk about their periods, and if they do, it's used against them.

4. Shop or get a manicure as a way to resolve their problems.

5. Constantly have wild, unprotected sex.

6. And orgasm the second they start having sex with their partner.

7. Rock pretty, matching lingerie sets at any given time.

8. Never put their hair up when they exercise or play sports.

9. Always prioritize having a family before anything else.

10. Eat food seductively.

11. Sleep in luxurious eye masks and pajama sets.

12. Wake up in the morning looking absolutely stunning, with makeup on.

13. Never have a single piece of hair anywhere on their body.

14. Lounge around the house wearing super-cute clothes or lingerie.

15. Never do homework because they supposedly don't care about their education.

16. Live in huge, beautiful apartments when they work as underpaid journalists or small-shop owners.

17. And play teens in high school when they're clearly grown-ass women.