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    23 Men Admitted The Embarrassing, Vile, And Truly Dumb Things Other Men Need To Stop Doing Immediately

    "I wish other men who've been abused in the workplace would stop abusing newer/younger men in their industry. It's not a 'rite of passage' — you're just being a jerk."

    Recently u/RefrigeratorDry495 asked the men of the Reddit community: "What's something you wish other men would just stop doing?"

    Men didn't hold anything back and made some valid critiques about other men in the world. They do some pretty horrible, vile, and unforgivable things, and it's time they get called out for it.

    Gregory and Mr. Johnson from "Abbott Elementary"

    So here are things men wish other men would just stop doing already:

    1. "Assuming that masculinity is about violence, physical dominance, and doing whatever you want to others because they are 'weak' and you are 'strong.' No, bro — masculinity is about mental strength, and also overcoming the difficulties that life has for you. Help others, and make life better for yourself and those you love."


    "And judging the masculinity of other men if those other men don’t do and think the same way as them."


    2. "I'm a gym guy, and some of the dudes who bring their girls to the gym get incredibly passive-aggressive or hostile when they're around other dudes who are working out. Nobody is looking at your girl, bro — I'm just here to lift weights like everybody else."


    "And men [at the gym] who walk all 'puffed out' and walk right into you, as if you're the issue and don't even apologize (or worse, try to start shit)."


    3. "Trying to start fights when you're drinking in random bars/clubs. I'm over six feet tall and somewhat good-looking, so I guess guys want to fight me because of that combination. I never try to start fights with anyone, and actually, find the thought of hurting other people really scary."

    Men fighting in a bar

    4. "Pissing on the toilet seat."


    "I don't even understand how this happens — like dude, you've been doing this exact thing with your dick your whole life. You still don't understand the mathematics behind it?"


    5. "When [men] don't wash their hands [after going to the bathroom]."


    "I was using a public restroom during the climax of the pandemic at a restaurant in Texas, and this father and his kid came out of the stall. The kid told his dad: 'Wait, shouldn't we wash our hands?' The dad said no, and rushed him out of the, WHAT!!???"


    "I once witnessed a guy walking from the urinal, dry his hands on the towel, and just walk out. He completely skipped the washing part — just wiped the piss from his hands…"


    6. "I wish other men who've been abused in the workplace would stop abusing newer/younger men in their industry. It's not a 'rite of passage' — you're just being a fucking wit."

    Man at office with a "KICK ME!" sign on his back

    7. "Catcalling. I did not see it often, but there were two men I worked with who did it. It was so embarrassing to be on a smoke break with them when a girl walked by. They'd compliment her and try to get her attention. I was very young back then (17, maybe 18), so I did not dare speak up — but damn, did I despise those guys because of that. Bunch of dumb little children."


    8. "Shaming other men for being single or never having sex before."


    "Yes — I completely agree. Some dudes made a low-level hostile work environment for me because of this, and then they spread that info. Like, I didn't even tell them that — the assumption just got out there. Then I was tainted. It fucking sucked for no god-damned reason."


    9. "Yeah, I am gay, but no, I don't want to fuck you. So many straight guys have this idea that gay men want to have sex with every guy they see — we don't."

    Gay man happily kissing his boyfriend

    10. "'Tough guy' displays. People who think the bigger and more obnoxious they express their opinion, the more true it must be. And enormous, lifted pickup trucks — it's such transparent behavior."


    11. "Please stop avoiding your colonoscopy because it involves something going up your butt. You're being anti-gay — your life depends on having a colonoscopy!"


    12. "Do not send unsolicited dick pics to any man, woman, or non-binary person."

    Man taking a picture of his penis

    13. "Judging the masculinity of other men who've slept with other men."


    14. "Talking about women like they’re all the same — it's kind of a bad look for other men who don’t care to put women in buckets."


    15. "Feeling the need to be loud AF to get attention, like revving their motorcycle when it's stopped. Opening their motorcycle throttle when passing crowds of people walking or enjoying meals outside. Loud music from cars, motorcycles, portable speakers, etc. — just any noise for the sake of turning heads."

    Man on motorcycle

    16. "Blaming women for rejecting their advances — saying a woman is ragging, especially when she responds to his rude behavior."


    17. "Spitting. Spitting in the urinal before going (I really don't get that one), spitting on the ground for no reason, etc. — no, they aren't chewing tobacco. Just spitting..."


    18. "'Rhino-hiding' (pretending to not be in pain). The reason women live longer than men is that they're not afraid someone will 'revoke their woman-card' if they admit to being sick or injured. They go to the doctor (even when they're likely to minimize their suffering because they're sexist). But you men (who would be believed) are the ones who are afraid to admit you need to go to the doctor? I'm tired of burying friends because of this."

    Man in pain while sitting on couch

    19. "Stop looking at me all disappointed like I am some kind of freak if I am not into local sports teams when you bring them up in conversation."


    20. "Being completely clueless, but dominating the debate anyway."


    "[Makes statementtalks over, keeps talking over]."


    21. "Calling yourself Alpha and Sigma males — like, my brother does this. Just please shut up."

    Man flexing muscle at the gym

    22. "Stop using 'suck dick' as an insult. If we want people to blow us, we should venerate the practice and honor those who enjoy doing it (and are good at it)."


    23. And: "The endless one-upping — it gets a little tiring when more than two men gather and one says he's visited a neighboring city or country. It doesn't take too long before another man boasts that they have been to the moon — twice (as an example, this rule applies to any topic). Sure, I have been guilty of getting into this myself, but I really would like to find other ways for men to have better conversations."

    Two men arguing in a living room

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.