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Sorry, Only "The Office" Superfans Are Allowed To Take These 16 Difficult Quizzes

Make Dwight proud.

A header image with Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Michael from "The Office" that reads: "16 Quizzes For Anyone Who Knows A Lot About 'The Office'"
NBC Universal / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of The Office quizzes curated for your enjoyment.

1. If You Can Name At Least 12 The Office Employees, You Need To Stop Bingeing

A screenshot of a type-in trivia quiz, naming every character from "The Office," with an image of a very nervous Michael Scott
NBC / BuzzFeed

Check that Dunder Mifflin employee roster, then take the quiz here.

2. Which Character From The Office Are You?

Kelly Kapoor, Pam Beesly, and Jim Halpert all looking into the camera with sly expressions

I mean, we're all at least a little Michael Scott, right? Take the quiz here to find out!

3. This Floor Plan Quiz Will Test How Well You Actually Know The Office

An original floor plan of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. office in Scranton, PA
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed / Getty

Do you remember where Phyllis sits? Take the quiz here.

4. Most Fans Of The Office Can't Identify 15/20 Of These Minor Characters โ€“ Can You?

A grid of 20 minor characters from "The Office"
BuzzFeed / NBC

David Wallace or Robert California? Choose wisely, and take the quiz here.

5. If You Can Score 100% On This The Office Quiz, Iโ€™ll Be Very Impressed

A trivia quiz question, asking: "Who beats Michael's pushup challenge by doing 26 pushups at the office?"
Liz Richardson / BuzzFeed

Can you ace one trivia question for each season of The Office? Take the quiz here.

6. Everyone Is A 50-50 Split Of A Parks And Rec Character And An Office Character โ€” Who Are You?

Leslie Knope from "Parks and Rec" and Darryl Philbin from "The Office"

Are you 50% Leslie Knope and 50% Darryl Philbin? Take the quiz here to find out.

7. Can You Really Remember What Happened In The First Episode Of The Office?

A fill-in-the-blank Pam Beesly quote from the pilot episode, which is: "I don't think it's many little girls' dream to _____"

Do you remember what Pam said in the pilot episode? Take the quiz here.

8. Here Are The Hardest Michael Scott Questions From Every Season Of The Office

Michael Scott in the pilot episode of "The Office" vs. the series finale episode

How well do you really know Michael Scott? Take the quiz here.

9. If You Can Tell Which Office Character Is In All Of These Minimalist Drawings, You Deserve An Award

Christopher Hudspeth / BuzzFeed

It's so hard to tell (that's what she said). Take the quiz here.

10. Here Are 15 Wildly Unpopular Opinions About The Office โ€” Do You Agree Or Disagree With Them?

Nellie and Andy staring into the camera with frustrated expressions on their faces

These Office hot takes are on ~fire~ โ€” take the poll here to see if you agree or disagree with them.

11. If You Can Guess 7/10 Of The Office Characters From Just Their Desk, Then You Must Be Totally Obsessed

A screenshot of Dwight's desk and a screenshot of Pam's desk

Can you remember where the Dunder Mifflin employees sit based on pics of their desks? Take the quiz here.

12. This 50-Question Personality Test Will Reveal Which The Office Character You Are

Jim making a cute smirk to the camera, Meredith wearing a dress with one of her breasts hanging out, and Kelly looking miserable while on a diet

This quiz is accurate 97% of the time, so take it here!

14. Because You're Bored, Take This Quiz To See Which Two Office Characters You Should Have A Threesome With

Kelly hugging Ryan from behind -- she's visibly happy while he seems to be annoyed

Assistant to the Regional Manager in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. Take the quiz here!

15. These The Office Questions Were Asked On Jeopardy! โ€” Can You Answer 5/7 Correctly?

A "Jeopardy!" question that reads: "This 'Office' guy: 'If I had a gun with 2 bullets & I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden & Toby, I would shoot Toby twice'"
Casey Rackham / BuzzFeed

Make Michael Scott proud โ€” take the quiz here.

16. And If You've Done 16/32 Of These Things, I Regret To Inform You That You're Actually Michael Scott

An image of "Prison Mike" wearing a bandana; a checklist of questions to see if your personality matches with Michael Scott's
NBC / BuzzFeed

Have you ever made a "that's what she said" joke? Take the quiz here.

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