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    19 Things Women Do In Teen Movies That Make ZERO Sense To Everyone

    Fun fact: not all women want to be prom queen!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most unrealistic things women do in movies, and it turned out a lot of the submissions were from teen flicks. Here are the frustrating results.

    1. Fight and be ridiculously competitive with each other, mostly over a basic guy.

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    2. Have gigantic bedrooms full of mad expensive furniture.

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    3. Sneak out of their house at random hours of the night to break all sorts of rules.

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    4. Rock extremely trendy and expensive outfits to high school on a daily basis.

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    5. And spend all of their free time doing stereotypical "girly" things, like shop at the mall.

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    6. Always yearning to date the most "popular guy" (who's actually pretty dull) in school.

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    7. Have verrrrry romantic and fulfilling sex lives.

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    8. Hang pictures of hot celebrity men on their bedroom walls.

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    9. Spend every single weekend partying it UP.

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    10. And play spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven at these parties.

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    11. Be notoriously horrible at sports.


    12. Constantly find themselves stuck in a sexy love triangle.


    13. Dream of being crowned prom queen.

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    14. Spend summers making money as a lifeguard.

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    15. Only make out with other girls *just* to satisfy men.


    16. Play young, fun teens when these actresses are grown WOMEN.

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    17. Stand up in the middle of class to read a big, dramatic poem.

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    18. Walk around linking arms with their BFFs.


    19. And do something totally wild the night before high school graduation.

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    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users